Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Another Week In Nakagawa.

Konnichiwa Kazoku!

I have some questions I need to get out before I forget. 
1. Can you look up my account balance and tell me what is left?
2. Where did Michiyo live?
3. Where did Joel serve? What areas?
4. Can you send me a bio or stories about Grandma Big's father? The one who built the cabin?
5. Did you ever get my package I sent home from the MTC?

Awesome river shot also, EVERYWHERE in Japan on all the sidelwalks, they have the yellow path. That is for blind people to be able to feel the sidewalk. Isn't that way cool and classy? I think it's really awesome.

Well, I honestly hate sitting down to email you all because I know that there is just no way for me to explain everything that has happened this past week. Life as a missionary is crazy. We never stop going until we crash in our futon's and try to sleep enough for the next day.

This week we biked into Fukuoka 5/7 days. The ride is about 45 minutes. Luckily it isn't hilly or anything, but you have to play "dodge the Nihonjin." They are all very aggressive bikers here. Especially in Fukuoka, the larger city, there are always a lot of people out on the streets and stuff, so that's always fun. The thing that makes me the most nervous though is when there is like a pack of little school kids because they aren't ever paying attention to the idea that other people use the sidewalk either, so they dart places, and that's fun.

Picture of me and E, the Philipino lady I talked about before.

The B family we met is going alright. They seemed a little less interested this last time that we met with them, but we think maybe the son is actually more interested than he wants to lead on. We are planning to meet with them again on Friday. This last lesson we taught the Restoration, and we even showed the 15 minute movie about it. I felt the spirit really strongly, and I know they did too. I just wanted them to be able to understand that God really is there, and that He loves us. I wanted them to feel that spirit. They are Sokugakai (not sure how that's really spelled) and they kept telling us over and over again that  they believe God is in our hearts, not a real person, but I think they did feel the spirit when we taught, so I hope that's true. 

We had another miracle this week also. We were riding home from Fukuoka and decided to street contact until we got home, and we were going to do one more lady. It was my turn to contact, and Cox Shimai said she was going to be "kinjin" which basically means like, Golden. And we stopped her and talked with her, and she was really interested and could feel the spirit there in the street, and she wanted to take us to the 7/11 for some groceries, so we were going to help her. Well, we got stopped at this stop light, and this guy comes up to me and basically (of course in Japanese) said, "Hey you look really busy, but you're Christians right? well I want to hear your message. Here is my card, call me." So he hands me his business card, and we were both stunned. We had this lady taking us to the store with her, and also this guy just contacted US. It was so crazy. We ended up going with the lady to her house, she was probably 65 or so, and we talked with her for a while. The next day she called and wasn't sure about the Book of Mormon we gave her, but we are praying she will want us to come back sometime. However, we made an appointment with the man we found on the street, and he wanted to meet us AT THE CHURCH which is REALLY hard to get people to do, and it was his suggestion, and we met with him! We also had a member join with us, and we had a really great lesson. The member and the investigator were able to connect, we found out that this investigator has two little kids and is married! And he wants to share the message with his family! And he invited us over for a BBQ that they are having tomorrow, so we are going to go to that! We are just so excited. We can really see all of the miracles in Nakagawa right now. 

Every Tuesday we have District Meeting and then we usually have lunch together, either going out, or making something together, and it is fun. Well, last week I had Indo Curry. I ordered something I had no idea what it was, and it was REALLY spicy. I could feel my insides like churning. It was good though, and it was fun to try. I think today we are making curry together or something. I don't know. We will see :) 

Other things that have happened this week... well. I really don't remember. OH. It has been really warm and nice and perfect, and something has started to happen. BUGS. There are really large spiders every where and also yesterday we saw a bee the side of like a small  clementine orange. It was disgusting and it freaked me out. 

Doi Shimai and I on splits.

Oh my goodness yeah, we met someone else this week too. We met with a man who was found last transfer streeting. He refers people to us all of the time, which is really random, but he always tells them that we can help, which we can. We have been meeting with his friend M these last few weeks and she is turning out to be really sweet, however, we met with him, K, this last week as well. Well, he is pretty crazy. We met with him and the Elders together so that we could have the Elders take over his lessons. He is really interesting. We call him Japanese Jack Sparrow. He has like long hair and is smoking all of the time and is usually slightly drunk, and it's great. But we were glad to pass him over to the Elders. He came to all three hours of church on Sunday. He was telling us a little about his background and all of this stuff, and he has been around the block a few times and more. 

Futon drying/setting in the sun to get rid of possible mold ;) 

Well, I can't think of anything else that happened worth telling. I hope you are all well, I love you so much! Mom, I'm praying for you. I was thinking of you on your whole birthday! Both Japan time and US time :) I really am so glad you had a wonderful birthday. I sent some mail home last week, so hopefully you can get it soon. I can't wait for my package! I love you SO SO SO SO much! I'm glad you're getting the medical help you need mom, I love you. Dad, please be safe in Mexico. Have fun and don't get into a drug deal. I love you too. 

Have fun without me!

Raines Shimai

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