Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The End of the Beginning.

Konnichiaw Kazoku!

Well hey howdy hey. Yeah. I'm sorry this is late. We have transfers this week, so P-Day was switched to today, and we didn't have email time until now. It is currently 7:00pm here. We got our transfer calls and we are both staying, and Cox Shimai will be Sister Training Leader with another sister from another area. We will have to do splits every week which will be interesting because the other STL is getting a brand new missionary. I will probably have to end up doing a lot of missionary work with the new missionary, so I hope I can do it. This is the end of my first transfer! It feels like it has been forever and it feels like it has been a blur all at once! This is just the end of the beginning! 

This week was SO long. It feels like it has been an eternity since I was able to talk to you, but it has only been a week! 

Fukuoka Tower. The tallest tower in Fukuoka... or on Kyushu

Literally like 3 hours after Skyping with you, we found a new investigator! We have found new investigators EVERY DAY this week! None of them have held their appointments so far, but we have high hopes for some of them and I know that your prayers have been helping us here all the way in Nakagawa, Japan. 

On Wednesday we visited a recent convert, "M" in the hospital. She had to get her tonsils out. We sang to her. My faith in Japanese medical care has been more or less restored. The hospital she was staying in was really nice, so that was good to see. We sang her some hymns and just talked with her. She seemed to enjoy the visit, so that was good. 

Probably one of the weirdest and funniest things that I have done here in Japan so far has been the following: SQUARE DANCING. Yes. There is a square dancing class for women here in Nakagawa, and they love it. There were probably 14 of us total. And the announcer does it in English. Well, we met a lot of really nice ladies and we think it might be a great way to get investigators and to spread our name around a bit. The lady that caressed my face in Daiso like my first week is the one who invited us, and of course she was very enthusiastically shaking my hands and rubbing my arms, but hey, we met some other good people. It was funny because the guy to announces the dance moves was like really shocked that everyone in America doesn't always square dance. Hahahahaha. It was pretty funny to us. But that was interesting. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures, but if I get some in the future, I'll send them your way.

Lunch after church. A very kind member made it for us.

On Saturday, the BYU Wind Symphony came here to Fukuoka Japan, and we were asked to go and bring people. We didn't really have anyone to take, but we went any way because we were allowed to. We ended up helping "M" a lot, so that was really good. It was really weird because I kinda felt like I was in college watching a free concert or something, and it was all band music too. I do miss orchestral pieces. They are much quieter and peaceful, but the Japanese people really seemed to dig it. We had to travel over to Chikushino for it, but it was good. We were excited for something kinda different to do. OH my goodness. I also... I also.... used... the...squatter toilets! Haha it was... interesting. 

"and the squatters??" "every last slime covered toadstool." name that movie

Honestly I don't have anything super spectacular to tell you. I am very glad too. Our weeks have been crazy, but we were able to dedicate this week to being normal. We had A LOT of finding time. Oh yeah, another investigator dropped. We had a lesson with her and we were going along and she wasn't really into it, and I just kinda flat out asked her if she wanted to learn more and she said no, and it was good to hear it because we thought that was the case but she wouldn't just come out and say it. We are still her friends and stuff, but we were glad to know that we can help someone else and that she's not quite ready yet. 

Oh yeah! Fukuoka city is going to have a new church built!!!!! We are all SO excited! The building we have right now is really small for the ward, the only bad thing is that the ward will have to travel up to Fujisaki for a year to have the new church built now. It's like an extra 20, 30 minutes. The members are worried about it, but we think it will be a blessing in the long run. They are going to tear down some of the apartments around the church now to make it larger! What a blessing!

Indian food flavored. Not good in chip form.

Yesterday we had no appointments and we had nothing else to do so we had like 7 hours to go and find people. It was really tiring. Also it POURED all 7 hours which was so super fun and fantastic. Okay okay it really wasn't that bad. We were just wet all day, but you kinda get used to it. The bad thing is that my bag isn't 100% water proof which is not good because this is only the beginning of the rainy season. I have been keeping everything in ziploc bags and stuff which seems to be working alright for now. We will see how it goes. Anyways... I was very wet yesterday. 

Today was fun! We had an appointment fall through, which wasn't good, but hopefully we can get back together with him another day. We had a joint set up and everything and so we felt bad, but we couldn't control his decision making. After we bought our groceries and stuff we took a Bullet Train and the Subway up into the Northern side of Fukuoka and almost into Fujisaki I believe. We went up to the beach! We were only there for like 2 hours, but it was way fun! There was a volley ball net and the sand was warm and the sky and water were blue so, it was fun. Everyone played volleyball and I played in the sand. Haha. I'm such a 5 year old. I had this really overwhelming flashback to the HOURS I would spend in the sandbox in our back yard and I really wanted to just start building "rivers" and stuff like I used to with Hawkley! Haha it was fun though. I got some really tiny pretty shells that I hope I don't break :) And then we went to this really weird store called Don Quixote (of course in Japanese) and I bought THE. DREADED. RAIN. PANTS. I can't wait to look like a dork every day in the rainy season with my rain pants on :) When I actually decide to wear them, I'll take a picture. 

P-Day! Beach!

And me.

Well, this has been a very boring email. I am very very sorry. I honestly can't think of anything else to say.  

I love you all, and am praying for you! Enjoy the pictures :)

Love, Raines Shimai

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