Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I'm Allergic to Fukuoka

Dearest Kazoku,

Well this week was full of small adventures. To start, last P-Day after I emailed you, I went to the Fukuoka Zoo! It was fun. But Zoo's kinda make me sad a little. The animals should be wild and free. Like Pocahontas believes. Yes. But it was fun anyways. I had a lot of fun and the animals are always so amazing. I took lots of pictures, but they are all kinda bad, so, sorry about that.

Just scoopin some poo.

Other than that we had a pretty normal week. Until yesterday. 

Yesterday was Monday, right? Okay so this whole week my eyes have been red and swollen and itchy and goozing, and I thought it was probably time to get them checked out. They have been so annoying! So, I got permission to go to the doctor yesterday and guess what? I'm allergic to something! It feels almost like a right of passage into adulthood or something. I don't know. But there is some pollen the eye doctor thought I am probably allergic to that is out at this time of year, and also there is a lot of pollution from China that is really hitting Fukuoka at this time. So, lucky me, I get to look like a druggie for a little while! WHOOO. Actually, could you sent me Visine? I have the "red out" kind but I would like the "moisturizer" kind if that's at all possible. I'm sorry to be such a pain in the patookie. But the eye doctor here is really interesting. They use lenses to check your eye sight like they did in he 60's, yet they had this high tech panel for me to look at that they lighted up the screens with so I could tell them what I could see. I don't know. It's Japan.

My allergies.

In front of the eye doctor.

Out the Shinkansen window.

Inside of the Shinkansen (bullet train)

Japanese pharmaceuticals.

Also, yesterday we got invited to a lady's house to do crafts with her. I'm not sure exactly what the craft was. It was a dried lillie that we stuffed with fabric and cotton. It's weird. I forgot to take a picture. But anyway, we got served lunch, which we weren't expecting. I had to eat a whole fish. Like a four inch long, breaded, dead, dried, fish. The whole thing. It was really really......... yes. It was really that thing. I was praying so hard. I'm such a baby. Also, we had pickled sea weed, which is very slimy, and pickled. Yes. That's what happened yesterday. Actually I'm considering using it as a diet strategy because I wasn't hungry for the rest of the day :)

It was Cox Shimai's birthday.

We had a really wonderful lesson with our investigator, and it took a very weird turn and we asked her to read 2 Nephi 31 and pray about whether she should be baptized. The spirit was strong and we felt that was the right thing to do. Unfortunately, she is pretty set against it right now, which made us sad, and didn't come to church, but we are still trying and working with her. We had a first lesson with someone we met this week also, which was really fun because that hasn't been happening a lot, but we taught her. She's really interested, just busy, so we don't know when the next appointment will be, but we hope it is soon. We have been trying everything we can do to find people who are prepared, and we aren't going to give up! We are still looking! 

Train ride home.

Have you been getting my mail? I sent some like really tiny letters home, one to Marg, did you get them? I hope so! I hope I didn't waste 110 yen in the mail!!!!

Next week I will probably email late because next week is transfers because this transfer is short. We are getting a new mission president this next week and the week after, so that will be an interesting transition. I think everyone is nervous. I'm not sure what will happen. I could transfer, or Cox Shimai could, I'm assuming we will be split up though because I need to have a "breaker" so that will be interesting to see what happens. 

This letter is short, I'm sorry! We got here late, so our time is cut a little short. But I love you all!

I love you!!

Love, Raines Shimai

P.S. Thanks for the English stuff Lauren and Mom, it's perfect!! I love you!

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