Monday, April 25, 2016

Big Shakes and Earthquakes

Konnichiwa Kazoku,

This week was a lot of fun. Last P-Day we went bowling as a district!
It has been a long time and I did crappy but we had fun. There was
this grandma bowling next to us and she would raise the ball over her
head and then like chuck it onto the lane. It was so so funny. I love
crazy old Japanese people. We also went to Shabu Shabu which is like
this soup that's boiling and you dip meat and vegetables into it and
it cooks, then you have sauces to eat with the cooked food. It is
seriously so good! And it's all you can eat! All you can eat meat!
Isn't that awesome? I ate so much food.

We had a lady from Eikaiwa invite us over to her house and we shared a
short message and then she taught us how to play a very traditional
Japanese instrument, the Koto! It was so cool! You pluck it like a
harp almost, but it's laying flat like a piano. Yeah, that probably
was not very descriptive. Anyway, she taught us this traditional song
they play around New Years, so I was excited because I love that
cultural kind of stuff. But it was a lot of fun!

We visited a whole bunch of less actives this week. I actually enjoy
working with less actives, but sometimes it's hard. They know what's
right, they just struggle to comply. However, one Shimai has been
coming recently and we visited her on Sunday night. We usually share
scriptures with her but this time we asked her what her favorite
scripture was and to our surprise she pulls out this notebook full of
carefully handwritten scriptures that she likes. I was very touched.
She is trying so hard, and it made me feel like I could be better as
well. She is really doing her best and I admire her.

Two young men from our ward, Nitta Kyoudai and Akamatsu Kyoudai left
for their missions today! They are Saijos first missionaries to leave!
Isn't that cool! It was fun because their families came and we got to
say bye and stuff. It made me remember my last Sunday at home and how
I felt. It is kind of crazy! They have a long journey ahead of them,
but it makes me so happy knowing they will be serving the Lord as
well! Our branch only has two YSA now, besides the missionaries, so we
are hoping everything all works out.

We had a new family move into our area as well! They are so solid and
awesome! They have three really cute kids. So, we had a welcome dinner
at the Minamimoto Fufus house with Other members. It was a lot of fun.

So, in our apartment, we have me and Shibayama Shimai and then Kumano
and Rogers Shimai. Well, we got our transfer calls! Kumano and Rogers
are both leaving. I will be whitewashing into their area with my new
companion and Shibayama Shimai is going to be training again and
staying in our area. So basically I am transferring to the next
bedroom like five steps away! I will technically be whitewashing in
Saijo twice! Isn't that weird? But my new companion is Sister Lai. She
is from Taiwan. I don't know much about her. It will be very
interesting probably. I'm not sure which language we will use to
communicate. Probably English, but I feel bad I don't know any of her
language to make her comfortable. However, all of the investigators
that Kumano and Rogers Shimai have are Chinese so we will be working
with them now. It's kind of cool though because Jake served his
mission in Taiwan, and I'll be able to experience that a little bit.
It should be fun. Or at least interesting. We will see what happens!

As far as the earthquake goes, I don't hear about it really, but we
got an email from Kaicho saying 41 people have died. And a lot of
people are being hospitalized. All of the Shimai had to be moved out
of the area until it is stated safe to return. The Elders are still
there though. Apparently they are all okay. We felt it twice in
Hiroshima. A tiny bit Thursday and then it woke us up in the middle of
the night on Friday. We had to call at like 1:30 in the morning to our
district leaders and report we are safe or what not. It was kind of
weird. But everyone is safe and that's about the extent that I know.
You all honestly know more than I do. I haven't seen any pictures or
anything so I don't know. Thanks for your prayers! Actually, a lot of
people don't have electricity or water. That's been hard for them.

Well, I love you all and pray for your safety and health as well. Have
a good week!

Love, Raines Shimai

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