Tuesday, May 31, 2016

What Makes The Red Man Red

Konnichiwa Kazoku!

I feel like I haven't written you a proper email in a long time, so here we go!

So, if you are wondering about my title, just look at my pictures. The
flaming hot rays of sun is what makes me red. Yes, it is turning into
summer. Also, I am the only one in my apartment so far that has been
eaten alive by bugs. No, I haven't heard anything about pants, and I
honestly don't want to wear pants it sounds like death by heat. But
it's really not too bad. I have been smart and am using sunscreen and
bug spray, so hopefully it will be okay! I am just happy because it
has been absolutely beautiful weather this week. It is a blessing! I
am nervous for rainy season, but I am just trying to enjoy this while
it lasts.

This week we found two Taiwanese people that we have started to teach!
Sister Lai is thrilled. It is fun for her when she can speak in
Chinese, and it is kind of fun to listen to. We actually talk to a LOT
of Chinese people. I didn't realize how many live here before. Usually
we couldn't talk to them before, so those contacts were really fast,
but now we can talk to them with Sister Lai, it's amazing how many
non-Japanese people live here in Japan! Especially in Saijo. We also
met a few people from Africa this week. I explained the Book of Mormon
to one lady, and she thoughts to sounds like hogwash, but I invited
her to read it and she said at before she disagrees with me she will
look at is, so we have an appointment with her this week. I am excited
for that.

We heart-attacked a members house. The addresses here are super hard
to find. There isn't always a house number or apartment number so we
had to do a lot of investigating to find out which was hers. We
compared a few different apartments in the same area, checked the
laundry outside and everything and found what we decided looked like
the best candidate. On our way out of he neighborhood, we ran into
her! We were surprised but happy because it was another indicator she
lives there. Haha. But that was something fun we did this week.

We met with our investigator this week. She has NO problems with the
word of wisdom, which is rare, she even doesn't like tea. It's
amazing! She is having some troubles coming to church, so that is a
struggle for us, but we are excited for her. She is progressing well,
and we are being good friends with her. Our other investigator is from
Thailand! She is super cute! We have met her a few times. We gave her
a Book of Mormon in Thai and she seems excited to read it. Her
progression is a lot slower, but she wants to know more and is so
sweet. We have some of the best investigators right now!

The best part of the week is that Elder Cook from the 12 apostles came
to our mission yesterday! It was amazing! He was so amazing and kind.
His wife is also extremely kind. It was a good two hours. Elder
Stevenson visited Hiroshima stake. We weren't able to go but I heard
that was amazing too. Elder Cook just talked about some normal
missionary things but at the end he told us that one day we will
realize how extremely Important this mission is for us. He said that
we may not understand now, but this mission is Blessing us, our
families now and will bless our future families. It was a real
spiritual uplift and I loved it. We all got to shake his hand and it
was a special conference. The whole mission got to travel to Fukuoka
for the day, so it was quite a treat.

I sure love you guys and I hope you are all happy! I pray for you a
lot and hope if there's anything I can do for you that you will tell
me. I love you!

Love, Raines Shimai

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