Tuesday, July 14, 2015

All the way to the ocean.‏

Ohaiyogozaimasu Kazoku!

Well, I'm not sure if there have been earth quakes, but I know there was a typhoon, and apparently there was one that hit Fukuoka too. We have been feeling the effects of it. It is raining cats and dogs all day long! We have to go out, and do our best, and just get soaked from head to toe. I literally don't even think I have been dry for one day this week! Because there has also been a WALL of heat and humidity that came in this last week. So, even if it's not raining, you are literally sweating to death. So, basically, I'm just always sweaty, and always look like a hot piece of nasty standing on these peoples porches. Sometimes when someone says they don't want to listen, I don't really blame them. I can't even imagine what I really look like half of the time. We are both just standing there, sweating, rain covered, messes. It's actually quite an adventure! I've never been so okay with being so sweaty! It used to drive me crazy, but I'm actually pretty used to it. :) We have an air conditioning unit in our house, but it only reaches so far, so at night, we slide the doors shut to lock in the air in the room we sleep in, and then when we wake up and open the sliding doors to go to the bathroom or whatever, it is like a trillion degrees and like a billion humidity points or whatever. Yeah. I've never been in a place this humid. I thought Tennessee was bad! Ha!  But yeah, I haven't felt any earth quakes. It maybe happened at night? Who knows? The wind is getting really strong too at night when the sun starts to go down, it gets strong! I actually don't mind the weather. As long as I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing, who cares what happens or what I look like? Hey, maybe sweaty mascara actually looks like a new fashion statement? The world may never know. 

After the rain, the sky was so blue.

Anywhoo. This past week has been a challenge and a good one. We met a sweet sweet girl, who wanted us to come back, but ended up not working out. And we have been doing a lot of streeting and housing. It's been crazy. I feel like sometimes I'm not sure what will even happen if I keep working, if it will even make a difference, and I was feeling that way in particular on Sunday. We had the meeting with the ward mission leader, and we were the only missionary pair that didn't have anyone coming to church, and we felt pretty dumb. We just felt like maybe we hadn't done enough or something, but we don't know what more we could have done. We tried our very best. Anyways, we were feeling kind of discouraged, but we went out and housed again that night, and we knocked on this lady's door who has had a member friend before and she let us set an appointment with her! And we had that lesson, and we have another appointment with her this coming week! We really thought it was a miracle. Yesterday, Monday, was the best too. We had a really awesome P-Day, we got to just kind of bum around the house for a few hours, but when the time came to an end, we went out and did our job. We found two other people who are willing to meet! One we are going to meet at McDonalds and just kind of figure out what she really is interested in, and the other is going to come to church with us on Sunday! We are so excited and are praying so hard that these things will be able to go through. We really want to be working with people, and teaching, and we think we might be really close. We have been studying harder and working harder, and praying more fervently in order to be worthy to teach these people the restored truths. We are just really excited about these appointments that are going to come up this next week!

In front of 7-11 on 7-11.

LAST P-Day we had an adventure as well. So, we were in Tenjin mall in Fukuoka, we decided to go to this SUPER AWESOME store called Loft, and it has two floors for stationary and I almost died. I could have slept in between the post it section and the pen section and just soaked it in until I just died of joy, but anyway, we had a lot of fun there. Well, we go outside and our bikes were GONE. Yeah. They were not there any more. And we were like, oh CRAP. We needed to get home soon, and we didn't have our bikes. Apparently, because we can't read kanji, there was a sign that said not to park your bikes where we did, and the city had picked them up. Boy did we feel dumb. Yeah. Really really dumb. So we talked to this really nice police man, he told us how to get to the place to get our bikes. It was so far away we had to take a bus and then a ten minute walk. It was like way out in the boonies by the ocean. We were just laughing a little hysterically the whole time about it. It was actually so stupid that we just thought it was really funny. Anyways, we get there, they have us show ID, we had to pay 2000yen for our bikes and then we left. We felt pretty dumb. But anyway, that was that adventure for the week. 

We made it to the ocean.

Picking up our bikes.

On Thursday, we had junkai. (Splits) I was put with Sister Kelin. She is one of our STL's. We had fun together. So, Layton Shimai is the Senior companion. She isn't STL. But I am area sempai because I have been here longer. Does that make sense? It's not that confusing. Basically I just know where to go and we work together. She is Senior Companion, but we do a lot of things together and decide things together. I really like it. We also had Tim Tams on Thursday. Has anyone done that before? I did it once with my roommates because Sam had brought some from Russia, but basically you bite the sides of the cookie, suck milk through it and then eat it. But we did it with hot chocolate and then ate them with ice cream. It was really delicious. Also, I'm getting really addicted to cereal and granola. And milk. I love milk. It tastes so good. 

On junkai with Klein Shimai.

Hey, Margaret, do you want to do me a favor? You know how in "Strange Case of Origami Yoda," there is a pattern in the back for how to make Yoda? Well, can you scan it and send me the picture of the pattern? I have origami paper that I inherited from Cox Shimai, and I really want to make a Yoda. So, please do that for me. 

I'm glad you are all doing such fun things! It sounds like a blast a home! I love weird home projects, although, I'm glad you're getting them done while I"m not there so I don't have to do them :) HEHEHAHAHEHEHAHAH. The new dresser looks really good! What kind of junk are you throwing out? Nothing I could use one day in the future I hope ;) Just kidding. Throw it all out. All of it. I have been really good about not keeping papers and stuff since I've been out, so it's really good. Keep doing it. Let it go! Let it go! 

Pretty sunset!

Did I ever tell you that Nihonjin's love crocs? They love them. They all wear them. They wear them with socks. They wear them with skirts. They wear the original kind, they wear cute sleek kinds, they wear them. They always wear them. 

OH. So this week, we were praying, and I kinda opened my eyes a little and I saw these little silver crawly bugs and I waited until we said "amen" and then I jumped up, and I screamed, "WE HAVE BUGS!" And we went on a rampage for like 30 minutes cleaning and vacuuming and we moved on of the sliding doors and another one popped out and Layton Shimai screamed "THERE HE IS!" And I sucked him up in the vacuum, and it was really funny. We were laughing so hard, but every time we saw one we kind of freaked out. I feel bad for our neighbors below us. We get up at 6:30 and jump on the floor for exercise and what not, and then at like 10:00 at night we vacuum. It's kind of really funny. Also, I'm getting really pro at killing spiders with my shoe. :)

Well, I hope everyone is doing well! I love you all! Keep smiling and being good! Mom, I'm praying for your health!

Love, Raines Shimai

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