Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Your Happiness of Eating This Ramen, Makes Us Happy.

Konnichiwa Kazoku!

The big room looks awesome! I had no idea that you were actually going to fix it up like that. It looks way nice!  I am really happy for you! I'm glad you got new meds mom, and I'm glad Margaret had a great time at Girls Camp! I really liked girls camp alot, and I'm glad that she is loving it so far. Take advantage of being in the Young Womens! Sometimes I wish I could just go to mutual on a Tuesday night, and not worry about life!!! :) I love you all!

Here is an excerpt from my journal. 

July 15, 2015

"Oh my crap it is getting so hot. I"M BAKING LIKE A TOASTED CHEESER IT"S SO HOT!!" I literally sweat from every pore today. My skirt was wet that's how sweaty I got. My shirt was damp and nasty and of course my hair and face looked real nice and shiny from it too. I basically should just shave my head because my hair just get's plastered to my forehead... Yeah.. anyway, I am constantly sweaty. .. I sweat at night, I sweat when I wake up, I always am just so sweaty."

Did you enjoy that? I hope so. 

We bought 2 liter water bottles because we were dying.

This week has been so awesome!! We had junkai with Nohagi Shimai and Kawamura Shimai on Friday. And we found 7 new investigators between the two companionship! This week we found a total of 12 new investigators! We feel SO blessed. We have been feeling like there wasn't much work to do here in Nakagawa, but God really is proving us wrong. I feel very humbled and really inadequate for the amount of people we have been finding and have had given to us. We really feel so much love for the people here in Nakagawa, and I really love it here. I'm starting to just feel like I could be here forever, and that would be okay. I really love everyone here. We had a first lesson yesterday with a really sweet girl we found on Friday. She is 20 and she works at an old folks home. She said that she read in a book once that God created the stars, and she said that ever since then she has felt that there has to be a God, someone who created this beautiful earth that we live on, and I really agree with her. She was so fun to get to know and teach. She was so easy to give commitment to and she really just lit up when we spoke about God. I am so excited to meet with  her again. I really feel like she will become a progressing investigator! When she asked her if she would meet with us again, she said yes, right away and we set up another appointment right there. It was too easy!

Anyway, over junkai I was with Nohagi Shimai, and she doesn't really speak any English, so I had to use every single bit of Japanese that I could muster from my memory and we communicated fine. Of course, my level of speaking ability is like a two year old, and very plain form with odd politeness added into it. But it worked and we were very successful! I actually felt pretty good about what I was able to communicate, and I felt happy about that. Of course, I still struggle really hard with this language, and I pray every day that I will have more desire and more ability to learn. It takes so much work to learn this language, and I can't believe how much I have learned, and yet I still can't believe how much I still haven't learned. It's sometimes over whelming! I am trying my best though. 

Nohagi Shimai and Raines Shimai after junkai.

On last Tuesday we went out to eat as a district for real Fukuoka Ramen, and the place said, "your happiness of eating this ramen, makes us happy," and I just thought it was so funny. I couldn't believe how funny I thought it was. The best part though was the Ramen! It really was something different. It was so delicious and I want it so many more times!!! We will have to go back again. It had meat and spices and other things like nuts and junk in it and I was just in heaven. It was so good. And the bowl was HUGE. I don't understand Japanese people. They are like sticks and yet all they eat is like carbs. Bread, rice, noodles, etc. I don't get it. Oh well, I just will never be built like a Nihonjin! I eat something and it just sticks... :) 

Flipping delicious. Real Fukuoka Ramen.

Yeah, there was a Typhoon, but it rained the next day A LOT harder after they said the typhoon was gone. I don't think it did any damage or anything, so that's good.The weather is crazy. It will get BLAZING hot and humid, and I'll feel like I"m going to die, and then it will cool off and rain a TON and it is just like a cycle. The wind was blowing so hard the other day I felt like I was going to fall off of my bike, but it was fun anyway! I really enjoy riding my bike actually. It gets us around a lot faster than walking. Who would have thought I would have said I like to ride my bike? I never would have guessed that.  I ride it every single day, and it is becoming my best friend haha!

We have four appointments today!!! We are going to be so busy! And we have district meeting soon and all that good stuff, and We are going to be so tired by the time we get home tonight. Also, we have been putting all of the records onto the iPad, and it has to be in Japanese, and it is taking FOREVER. I am still working on one record, the first one I started. It's way hard! I'm sure once we have it all in though, it will be nice way to track everything. 

Also, we went and visited Sakai Kyodai this week because it was his one year mark since he was baptized! I really love that couple! They make me so happy. We haven't been able to see them in about a month, and so we just went over and ping ponged their door, and it was really good. They let us in, we had a good time, we were able to share a good thought, and all the world was once again at peace in my heart :) 

I was reading this morning from the conference issue from May, Ensign, and I was reading Carol M. Stephens talk and she was talking about how every one really is a child of God, how our identities haven't changed just because we are now mortal, and we will always be who we are for eternity, and we could celebrate who we are. I really love her talk and I still need to finish reading it. But, I was thinking about how everyone really is God's daughter or son and how really special it is that we have the chance to become like Him one day. I asked for the Books of Mormon because I want to have on just for the Christlike Attributes so that I can really study those and become a better person by becoming more like those attributes in Christ. I hope that I will be able to come even a smidgeon better at some of them. 

Well, I love you all! Keep being awesome! I pray for you individually and I hope all is well at home. I hope you aren't worried about the wedding coming so quickly! I bet it is way fun at home with all of those things going on! I can't wait to get the invitation and the announcement. I hope it comes soon! I love you all!!!!!!

Raines Shimai

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