Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Oh Hey, I Ate Squid‏

Konnichiwa Kazoku!

Well, hello there. I am in Japan. Just, you know. Soaking in all the humidity. It's been in the 90's all week, I think on Saturday it got up closer to 100, plus like a bazillion percent humidity. But, you know it's all good.

How was pioneer day? i really wish that the whole world celebrated Pioneer Day. Well, I did inside of my heart. I am a pioneer through and true. I even drew pioneers for pioneer day. It was fun. 

This week was really good. We had a lesson with a new investigator, and she isn't quite sure how interested she is yet, but I was happy to get to teach another lesson. I think the lesson went too long, and so it could have been better, but she is really nice and I hope we get to meet with her again soon. We also had two lessons yesterday. One with a new investigator that we found last week, and she said she doesn't have interest but she just wanted to meet with us, so that was a little bit of a disappointment, but we had another lesson with another girl we met last week, and she was WAY nice and she took the Book of Mormon more than willingly, so I am excited to see what happens with her. I think overall, we are starting to get more appointments, but they aren't turning into solid investigators. I think I just need to work on my teaching skills I guess. Teaching in Japanese is hard!! :)

We had a ward Barbecue this week too!!! President Egan let all of us missionaries go, and we all met at the church, and drove in the Honbu cars together up to where it was going to be held. We drove up into the mountains to a camp site thing (I thought it looked pretty American) and the members cooked a TON of food! There was SO MUCH MEAT. The beef tasted like Tucano's, a little bit, and guess what......I ATE SQUID. Yes, I ate it. I ate it cooked, and I ate it raw. Both of them didn't really taste like anything, just like the sauce I had on it. The cooked one was a little tougher, but the raw one was WAY chewy. I had to chew for a while before I felt like I could swallow. Anyways, I did that. And that was very interesting. I ate squid, and I wasn't even that afraid to try it. What's happening to me?! The members were really kind. We just kept eating and eating, and there was SO much food. We really couldn't believe how much food they cooked for it. Haha. I really love the Japanese members! They are so fun and cute and I think their kids are adorable. Oh yeah, so the BBQ was the day after Pioneer Day, and we got to the place, and they put all of the stuff in carts and we carted up the BBQ stuff to our site! It was really cute and I felt like maybe Japan does appreciate Pioneers :) 

We also got to teach Kodomo Eikaiwa this week. We still haven't gotten on in our area, but we came up to Fukuoka to help with the one here because there are a lot of people from Nakagawa that go to the Kids Eikaiwa here. So, we came up and helped out and got to know some new people, and it was a lot of fun. I think teaching kids Eikaiwa is a blast. They sing songs and talk about things like animals and colors and good stuff like that. Plus, I'm just weird enough to dance to the music and stuff, so, anyway it was fun. After the Eikaiwa, the moms all had brought stuff to trade! They brought like clothes their kids cant wear anymore, or like books or stuff they just don't want anymore, and it was so fun! It really was fun to watch them all look at each others stuff they had brought, and we played with the kids a little bit. There is one little boy who, every time he sees me, comes up to me and just waits for me to talk to him. He is probably 2. He is SO CUTE. I read him some books (talked about the pictures) and played with his airplane with him. And then he wouldn't leave me the whole time. I thought it was quite adorable and I just wanted to take him home!!! But, of course, I can't. That's actually one really hard thing about being a Sister Missionary. I want to just like hold all of the kids and babies because they are SO SO SO cute, but I can't!!!! Ahh!! So, Scott and Kenzie better have a fresh one when I get home ;) Or Lauren. That works too. 

This week I had been feeling a little bit down. I was kind of having a small pity party inside of my head. And I received a really special letter. In the letter it said, "The clock of life keeps ticking and it cannot be stopped. The only choice we have is whether we will be productive or not with our time." When I read that, I realized how inwardly selfish I was being. I had been wasting a lot of my time thinking about how I was feeling, not about others, and it's true. There isn't a stop to the time. I sometimes can't believe that Lauren is married, has two kids, and that Scott is getting married. I can't believe sometimes that I wake up on a futon in Japan, or that Margaret is old enough to go to girls camp. But, time will keep going, and we have to put our best efforts in every day, so that we will always be ready to do what the Lord wants for us to do. Anyway, thanks Dad, for those wonderful words of wisdom.

Besides squid, I had another first! A flat tire came my way. Yes, as we were making the 45 minute trek home from the church, my tire went flat. Of course. We were only half way home, and still had a way to go, so we couldn't just walk. We went to the nearest place to have them pump up the tire, and we rode the rest of the way home. I was satisfied. I thought maybe the change in the air, it was really hot and then it cooled off because of the rain, may have just over worried the poor tire. So, we resume our day, going along, and we go to bed, etc, etc. Well, we get up in the morning, get ready, do our studies, and head out the door and lo and behold, the tire is once again completely flat. Oh yes. "There must be a hole" we decided. Well, we had to go back to the church, so we walked our bikes up about an hour until we found a little shop where the nice man was able to fill the hole. It was really quite a fiasco. I probably wont want to do that again any time soon. But you know, I guess it had to happen some time. 

Well, this is a really boring letter. I am sorry. I can't think of anything else to say about this week. I hope you are all happy!!! I hope that I get Scott and Kenzie's announcement sometime. I am excited to get it. The picture you sent me of them is really cute! I hope all is well at home. 

Have you seen the new Pixar movie yet? Was it good? What other movies are out? 



Raines Shimai

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