Thursday, August 20, 2015

Have fun without me!‏

Watashi no Kazoku,

Hello. How are you? I am sure you are stressed out but having a blast. I hope everyone has fun seeing relatives and having a big party. It sounds like it will be a lot of fun. I can't believe it's happening. Sometimes I feel like you're pulling my leg a little bit, but I'm happy for Scott and McKenzie, and I hope everything goes well tomorrow. I am praying for you all, that everything goes well and that everyone has a good time. I wish I could be there.

This week we went to a really famous shrine. It's called Dazaifu Shrine. We were really excited and we went out there and it was really cool! It's weird because they have like these dragons, and they have guards that guard the shrine and you walk up to it and it's just like a really pretty building! It's kinda interesting. We were like people watching the whole time. They have this thing (I dont know what it is called) but you like wash your hands with the water and then it like cleans you or something ahaha so we did it and it was pretty neat! Anyway, that's what we did last P-Day. It was pretty cool. 

We have actually had a kinda hard week. We've been getting kind of down because we had ALL of our appointments cancel on us and it was disappointing. But yesterday, we were riding home from church and I had this weird feeling to contact people on the way home, even though we hadn't planned too, so I looked up and from a distance I chose this lady with a pink shirt, and as I got closer it was one of our investigators who hadn't answered our text messages. It was a huge blessing from God. We felt like we had been lead to be there at that exact time to meet her, and we were able to make a return appointment with her. We were happy about that. 

Today we had a first lesson with a girl we met streeting, and we got to McDonalds where we were meeting her and she had brought her boyfriend! It was weird we like taught them as a couple. Haha it was kinda awkward. They were really surprised that the "Elders" are not old men. We told them most of us are like 20 like them and they were shocked. And we told them we don't watch TV or movies or listen to music and they were pretty surprised at that too. Haha it was funny...

Yeah, I'm okay with staying here. It's a really small area, and I feel like I haven't been much help here, but I hope this transfer can be even better. 

Well, I know you're busy. Enjoy the pictures I sent you. I hope you can start feeling better mom. I really am sorry you don't feel well, I'm praying for you.

I love you all. 

Raines Shimai

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