Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Less Actives and A Lot of Wind‏

Ohaiyogozaimasu Kazoku!

Wow! The wedding looks like it was a hit! You all look so happy and healthy and like you had a great time. Thanks for sending me all of those pictures! I am really happy everything turned out well! I was praying for you all the whole day... they technically got married while I was asleep, but I meant it :)

Also, you have NO idea how happy you made those Chinese people.

This week was good. We had two lessons on Wednesday with some new investigators that we found, and those were both fun. They are both young teenage girls and we had a good time. One of them had told us to meet her at this random cafe and it took us forever to find it. We went up this HUGE hill and down this huge hill and into the crazy wild wilderness of rice fields and we finally found it. It was literally in the middle of this rice field. So we biked up to it... and it was closed and it was pouring rain and we were really wet. We didn't have her number so we were kind of skeptical as to whether or not she would come, and we waited and waited, and just as we were about to leave she came walking down towards us! We had a good time. We ended up going somewhere else to have the lesson but it was fun anyway. 

We waited in the rain.

We got this huge list of less actives from the bishopric and we decided to go and visit one of them. We took her cookies, and it was good. I think she really appreciated it. Well, before we visited with her, we were waiting for a text message with the address for the new church location so we could tell her, and while we were waiting we decided to just walk around the neighborhood. We were kind of just trying to kill time. But we walked up and were walking back and this lady started talking to us about how hot it was, and we kept talking and talking and we found out she was baptized like 40 years ago and hasn't been to church since because after her family moved they didn't know how to find the LDS church so they just started to not go anymore. It was really a cool miracle. We really want to go back and meet with her again and help her become active again even though it has been so long. She said her mom, her and her siblings all got baptized! It was really cool to meet her. 

Friday we had Zone training, and that went well. Saturday we had another lesson with our investigator and we were able to explain about baptism with her and she said if she found that what we are telling her is true that she could be baptized, so we are really praying for her. She had to cancel her next appointment because she had to work so that was a bummer but we are really just trying hard to help her know we care.

On Sunday we had stake conference and that was really good! All of the missionaries in our whole stake were able to come and I saw Lowe Shimai and Healey Shimai and Butikofer Shimai and all of these missionaries that I was in the MTC with and it was really fun to see how they are doing and where they are at! I had a good time at least. 

Yesterday we had a TYPHOON! Haha we had to stay in the apartment until 6pm, so district meeting got cancelled until today so we couldn't email, so I'm sorry that you were worried! It wasn't a big deal. The only thing that was crazy was the winds that were blowing! They were so loud and HUGE :) But it was fine and we were safe and happy. We are still putting our records into our ipads, switching from paper to ipad, so we did that for like 5 hours and my head hurt really bad. It's very tiny little Japanese that we have to read and put into the ipad and it can get exhausting :) 


Well, I hope Harry Potter World was good for Scott and Kenzie. Oh, I have some letters I meant to send (lauren) and I don't have stamps so I'll send those maybe next week. Sorry about that. 

I love you all and hope you are all doing well. I pray for you all often. I'm glad Scott and Kenzie are happy and that Marg started school. AND WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME NATALIE WAS PREGNANT? I didn't even know that... at least I don't think I knew that. But that's so scary and I'm glad the baby is okay! He looks so cute!!!! 


Have a good day!

Raines Shimai

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