Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Coke Miracles and Books of Mormon‏

Konnichiwa Kazoku!

This week feels short because I just emailed you on Wednesday, but I'm emailing you now anyway. So, The Fukuoka Ward building is going to be torn down so they can build a newer nicer, bigger one. Yesterday was the very last Sacrament meeting and today is the last day that we can use the computers, so we came up for P-Day, also because we don't have District Meeting tomorrow because we are having a 70 come to our mission for a taikai. So we came today, on P-Day, like normal missionaries, to email. I hope you enjoy it. You probably aren't ready to hear from me yet though. You are still pondering on the delicately contemplated words that I so graciously sent your way last week. But, here we go. 

Last Sunday at Fukuoka church.

Wednesday we went to Chinese as a district after District Meeting. It was good. We all got gyoza (potstickers) and it was very good. But the good things that happened while we dendoed were even better! Haha. So, while we were housing, I saw this house and it was 11-16 my birthday! We had been getting kekko after kekko and were a little discouraged, but I looked at Layton Shimai and I said, "This is my birthday house! There will be really nice people who live here." I said it kind of like a joke... and we chortled our way up their stone pathway, and when the lady answered the door, she was actually really nice! We were able to teach her a few things, and her husband came out with mosquito repellent and at the very end they gave us these huge grapes! They were so delicious! The skin is so hard we had to peel them and they had seeds inside, that's how big they were! I thought they were big. Anyways, nothing really happened with her, she wasn't too interested, but we thought it was quite the miracle. BUT, we were housing in another area, and we had ten minutes left, and we were going to just kind of pretend to street home and you know, kill time, but we decided to do one more complex. So we go up there, do all ten doors, and no one answers, and we still had like five minutes left. Again, we were going to go home, but I said "Let's just do the next one, and I bet the last door we can give someone a Book of Mormon." So, again, we kind of laughed our way over to the next complex, knocked on every door, kept going and dodging humongous spiders, you know, all that good stuff, and no one was answering. So we finally got to the last door and this grandpa opens up. And he sat there and listened to us and talked to us and told us about how he joined a religion but he doesn't really believe it, and we were kind of stuck and didn't know what else to talk about. Well Layton Shimai felt kind of bad that he just kinda sits around all day so she asked what his hobbies were. And he said "reading." Of course. Of course. Of course. He loves to read. So, OF COURSE we pulled out the Book of Mormon, explained a little bit and he took it very willingly, and we set a return appointment with him and we have already taught him that first lesson and have plans to go back again. We don't know what will happen, but we felt pretty lucky that we got to see those little miracles! 

Chinese in Japan.

Giant grapes given to us by a lady we were housing.

Thursday was Weekly Planning again, so that was like how it always is. And we found another person who was really kind and willing to listen. We taught her a first lesson, but she is really super busy and couldn't make another appointment but we hope we can meet her again some time. However, on Thursday night we talked to this girl and for some reason I thought she smelled like Coke. So, of course, after I told Layton Shimai, we both really wanted a Coke. So we get home, and the vending outside of our house has Coke so we just bought one before we went in. Well, Layton Shimai bought her Coke first, and when it came out, it had an "E" on it. Her first name starts with "E" so she thought that was funny and then she said, "Wouldn't it be weird if the one you get has a 'C'?" Hahahahahahhahha GUESS WHAT!! When I bought the stinkin Coke, the lid had a "C" on it! ISNT THAT SO WEIRD!! We thought it was some type of miracle. It was so awesome. We laughed really hard.

Miracle Cokes!

Saturday we finally got to see Elsie again! She has been so busy we haven't been able to visit her. She was telling us about her work and her jobs and what her daily schedule is like and she works so hard. I really admire her. She works harder than missionaries. It was crazy. We felt kind of wimpy when she was telling us everything she had to do in a day, and yet she still wanted us to come over on the one day that she had off and wants to come to church on the days she has Sunday off. Isn't that so cool? I really feel like I'm a lucky missionary to get to work with her. She's an awesome example to me!

Yeah, and like I said, yesterday was the last day at the Fukuoka church. The ward is going to have to travel up to Fujisaki for the next year. I think I'll be home before it's even finished. So, that's kind of hard, but we really are just praying that we can find a way to get investigators to still want to come to church. It's going to be really far away for us. We are keeping our fingers crossed. 

Other things...Uh... I don't know. I sometimes don't remember what happens in the week. As far as Japanese... haha... I'm not "comfortable" persay. I actually was thinking about it and I've been learning Japanese for 7 months and sometimes it feels like I still don't know anything!It's kind of a crappy feeling sometimes, but I'm just doing my best to try and everything will work out eventually. 

What it feels like sometimes.

I'm glad Scott and Kenzie had fun in Harry Potter World. I'm so incredibly jealous. I'm glad Marge had a good birthday too. Did she have a party or friends over or anything? What kind of cake did you eat? Oh, that's one thing. Usually most of my conversations consist of what kind of food I would eat if I were in America. I miss all of ya'lls 'merican st'all food. Oh what I would give for your BBQ chicken Mom. Oh what I would give.... 

Well, I hope you have another good week FAMILY. I hope you are all happy and healthy and wealthy and wise. Don't get too tired walking up that hill on every B'Day MARG. I hope you keep doing family history so I don't have to do it, mom :) :) :) :) You could finish it all if you really wanted. ALL OF IT. :) HEHE Okay, well, have a good week. Thank you, and goodnight!

Raines Shimai

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