Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Fat Blonde Buggy Week‏

Konnichiwa Kazoku
Well I haven't heard anything about floods and earthquakes. I never
hear any news. Actually, being a missionary you never hear about
anything, I always hear all the news from you. I never hear about
American holidays or anything like that. So, I'm completely out of the
loop sorry! I don't know how bad the flooding is or anything... Sorry.
Yeah I was sick earlier this week but I'm all good now. I am fine,
please don't worry :) I'm glad Scott and Kenzie are moved in and happy
and healthy. It looks like that will be fun for them. Is their
apartment one of the old ones or have they built any new ones yet?
I haven't gotten the package.... Hopefully it will come soon. I am
looking forward to it! We get transfers next week so they might hold
the mail this week, who knows what will happen. I'm looking out for it
This week was pretty long. I didn't feel too great for the first few
days this week and the last few days were really long, filled with
hours and hours of finding.
This week we had a lesson with the old man we are teaching and I
learned a very important thing about Japanese culture. Let me explain.
Japanese people are very open about what they think about how you
look. For example, if you look tired they will tell you or if you are
tall, like Layton Shimai it's all they talk about. Well, I experienced
what it feels like to be told you are, large, persay. We had this
really good lesson, we were laughing, ended, we were leaving and as we
are walking out he called out to me, "Raines San." And I turned around
and said, "hai." And he then said (in Japanese of course) "You have a
really small head and really big legs." Oh imagine my utter
embarrassment. Layton Shimai of course couldn't help laughing, so I
was there bearing the burden of this lonesome tragedy alone. I just
smiled and said, "Hai." Then proceeded to my bike. Yeah that was the
most exciting thing that happened. Haha, not too exciting eh? Well,
don't talked to Japanese people if you are self conscious about your
weight :)
Oh, so this week we were bike streeting up a little further than
normal, and we contacted this old lady who was talking forever and as
we are standing there I see this blonde headed girl walk by. So I was
panicking. I wanted to contact her because she probably speaks English
haha. So we say our goodbyes with the grandma and I hop on my bike and
we start chasing after this girl with blonde hair, my heart was
literally pounding. I don't know how to talk to non-nihonjin! So I
pull up, get off and said, "Hello!" And she turns around and was like,
"Oh hi Sisters!" And I just stared at her. I was sure I wasn't hearing
English, so I just kinda stared and she then said, "I am a member in
the other ward." I felt so disappointed. She's already a member. Haha.
The one blonde person I see already has the gospel. So, we talked and
it ended up being a good little visit, fun to get to know her, but she
asked what we were doing and I told her we had chased after her, she
thought it was funny. I thought I was crazy.
We went and visited a member family in our area, the Fukuyama's this
week. They are so cute! We just went over to pray with them, but their
son really loves to hunt for bugs. I thought maybe worms and stuff,
but he was like "look at this one." And he pulled out this HUGE
beetle. Like...huge. It is one of those black ones with the curvy horn
nose thing and long legs. He pulled it out by the nose and was playing
with it like a pet. He almost put it on me but I freaked out. Yada! It
was so freaky. Hahaha. Fukuyama Shimai was nice though and said she
didn't like bugs either, so it was all okay. Haha. But Fukuyama
Kyoudai kept telling the boy to let me hold it. No no no thank you.
Church is in Fujisaki so the Nakamuras offered us a ride each week to
church. We are very thankful and it was fun to ride with their family
this week.
Yesterday we taught three lessons! That's like unheard of for us! We
were really happy. We taught two on the Plan of Salvation and one
"lesson zero" which is like the intro lesson we like to do to
introduce God, Christ and sometimes the concept of baptism. So, we
felt really good about all of that. Thanks for your prayers!
Ja, that's about it. I love you all. Enjoy school and normal life and good food!
Matta ne :)
Raines Shimai

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