Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I Will Miss Nakagawa‏

Konnichiwa Kazoku!

Wow this week has been a really great one! I have had some of the best days on my mission so far this week. 

On Tuesday we were housing, and we had both felt really good about this one block, and we knocked on the last door of the last house (of course) and this man said for us to hold on, through the inter-phone. So we waited and waited, and this guy came out with a long pony tail and we started introducing ourselves and he said, I don't speak Japanese very well. So we talked in ENGLISH!! It was really hard! I haven't ever contacted someone in English so we were both floundering about what to say. Well, he said he was from Hong Kong. We were excited because he said that he has been Christian for about 15 years but right now is looking for a new Bible to read hahahahahahaha. So, we pulled out the Book of Mormon and we talked about it and he said he wanted a downloadable version so I was able to get out my iPad and show him how to download the gospel library app and he was really excited. We told him how we use the King James version of the bible and he said he was thinking about maybe reading that one in the first place. We were really happy about it. Well, we went back to teach him. We taught him about the Book of Mormon and about God and what we believe about Christ. He was pretty interested but cant meet until next month so that was a little bit of a bummer but we were really happy we got to meet him. He calls him self "Koala" because he says that is his English name. Hahahahahahaha. We had a lot of fun teaching him. 

There is this old grandma that we always run into and we don't actually know her name so we just call her the "ET Obachan" because she looks like ET. Yeah. Anyway, she is the cutest thing in the world and we always go to her house and just see how she is and this last time she let us in and gave us donuts. I am going to have to try to get a picture of her somehow. She is really cute when she smiles. 

We even house into Oompaloompas.

I got one of your packages this week too. It had the post cards from Scott and Kenzie in it which are WAY cool! Thanks so much! Layton Shimai and I really enjoyed the candy too :]

On Friday we got to go up to the portable thing next to the church and teach Kodomo Eikaiwa. It was a lot of fun! I love kids! It was a lot of fun we were able to sing songs and talk about animals and shapes and it was just a grand old time. I love when a kid thinks I am the weirdest thing in the world and then once they warm up to me they really like me. There was one Sisters daughter who was there and she wouldn't look at me, but the next Sunday when we were at their house she grabbed my hand and wanted me to play with her! SO CUTE :}

This week we were able to give out a Vietnamese Book of Mormon too! We housed into these two boys who were from Vietnam and don't speak English or Japanese very well. So, what we did was order a Book of Mormon for them in their language and we gave it to them! I don't know what will happen if anything, but it was really cool because they took it very kindly and seemed at least interested to read it. That was a short, cool experience. 

The best thing that happened this week was a dinner we had at a members house. We were going down there, streeting, and we thought we were going to just have dinner with the Fukuyama family, but then the Nakazono family drove by and then they turned and they came too! It was so much fun! They are the best. Fukuyama shimai just barely had a baby so it is really tiny and cute. Their kids were jumping around and I was playing with them a lot and Fukuyama Shimai made giyoza (potstickers) and some type of octopus soup thing. It was really good. But we were sitting there and Fukuyama Shimai asked "Raines Shimai have you ever had Natto?" I was stunned into silence. I felt my face get really read, and I said "No." Oh my goodness my stomach flipped over. I had immediate panic. You know the stuff I was talking about two weeks ago that looks like snot, yeah, that, she asked if I had ever eaten that. So she smiles this big smile and said "You are going to try it." So the whole time we are sitting there eating dinner I was thinking about this natto I was going to have to eat. I stayed quiet and hoped she would forget. Nope. She did not forget. So she said "Are you going to try it?" Not really asking. I told her to wait so I could get my camera. Oh my pounding chest I thought I was going to die. You know when you are forced to try something you dont want to try, that feeling, well times it by ten and thats how I felt. I had seen people eat it before and it just looks bad. So she set it infront of me. I asked her to teach me how to eat it. She laughed. So, she told me how to do it and they were all watching. They warned we to take a small bite first. So, in my head, I was thinking "I have to just take a big bite and like this" So I did. They were all really surprised. They were all laughing and asked me how it tastes and what I thought. Here is what I told them, and what I thought. It was extremely slimy, but not something I wasnt expecting. When I put it into my mouth, I just chewed swallowed and that was the end of it. It wasnt pleasant but it wasnt something to barf at. So, to everyones surprise, and maybe because of my pride, I ate the whole thing. It comes in a package about the size of like..... an apple or something. I sent a picture. Anyway, they were very impressed. So, when I was done I got up bowed, and they all laughed. Then, as a prize, Fukuyama shimai gave me a box of Chocolate cereal to take home because I eat that every morning for breakfast hahaha. It was really fun. I really felt like I was myself that night and I felt a lot of love from those two families. I really love Nakagawa and the people here. It will be hard to go. 

Dinner at the Fukuyama house!

Before I ate it.

I finished it all.

On Sunday we had another dinner with the Uehara and Fujino families. They made curry for us and it was really good. We felt really blessed to spend time with them as well. They are really lovely families and I am so happy to know them. 

Well, here is the news. I am transfering!!!! Layton Shimai will be training a new missionary here in Nakagawa and I am transfering to Taniyama in Kagoshima. It is on the opposite side of Kyushu, the Island I am on. It is going to be like a five hour bus ride and then we have to take the train over to Taniyama. I am so so excited. The best part is that I will be companions with Stevenson Shimai! She was in my district for three transfers and I love her! I will be her last companion because she only has one transfer left! I am way excited. Kagoshima has a volcano that spits ash every where so we will see how that goes! I am very very excited and very very sad. I will miss Nakagawa dearly, and Layton Shimai. We have had a lot of fun together, and I really have grown to love this area. I know the Lord is in charge, and I am very grateful for the growth that I have experienced while in Nakagawa.

Well, I am glad every one is doing well and is healthy! I sure love you all. I will write you from Taniyama next week!!!

Love Raines Shimai

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