Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Mensetsu And Futsuu

Konnichiwa Kazoku!

I am really upset!! I asked like ten times when Kenzie's birthday was
and no one told me!!! I feel way bad! I wanted to be able to send a
card or something but... I guess I can send it late. I am sorry! It
sounds like they have a pretty cushy life. Are they rich or something?
What the hey? They just flew to Harry Potter World and now they are
flying to a concert? I am jealous. I have a feeling that when I get
married, I will be poor. But I guess we all knew Scott was going to be
the rich one of the family. I guess I'm okay with it if he is willing
to share the wealth. I would appreciate $100.00 a month. My bank
account number is 123456789 and the name is Caroline Raines. Hey
thanks pal, this is a life long contact by the way.

Ice cream.

I feel like my life has been pretty normal this week too. Well, as
normal as missionary work gets. On Monday we went and did the sports
with the Kaneko family and it was a lot of fun, but I will let you
know right now, in order to be a healthy person you need a variety of
sports in your life. I bike all day right? I literally bike everywhere
I go. I think I have literally built up resistance to bike pain.
However, we did some races and stuff, with children, mind you, and I
felt like I was broken the next day. Seriously all four of us thought
we were going to die.

Sports day!

We had a lesson with our investigator this week and she really seems
interested still! She said she would be willing to have a lesson at
the church with a member there, so we are way way excited for that. We
hope she can set up a baptismal date soon. We are praying for her and
trying our best to help her. We have another investigator I have never
met before that set up an appointment for this coming week so I am
excited for that too.

We knocked on a door this week after getting Kekko after Kekko and
there was a a lady that answered and she opened the door all of the
way and was standing and listening and talking to us, and it was so
nice! She said we could come back too. We felt like that was a little
miracle too. Also, last night we were trying to visit a potential
investigator and she wasn't there and we both felt like we didn't want
to house there like we had planned, so we prayed and both felt like we
wanted to go to this other place. So we went there and we met a bunch
of really nice people and they were all home too! It was way awesome!
One man opened the door and he said how the missionaries came by last
year and gave his parents a Book of Mormon but we gave him his own. It
was pretty cool. He was really nice too. The little miracles that
happen every day really lift your spirits as a missionary.

What the ferry looked like last week.

We had interviews this week with the mission president. It was good.
While he was doing interviews the rest of us we getting trained by the
APs about the new pamphlets that came out for Japan. "What to Expect"
when meeting missionaries, "Who is God?" And "Who is Christ?" They are
actually really cool. I am excited to use them, and interviews went
well too so that's good.

We had District Conference yesterday as well. We had to go to
Kagoshima again for that, but it was fun. Stevenson Shimai had to
speak and translate for Sister Egan, so we had to prepare for that too
but it was good and went well.

Conference stash!

Other than that, it's been pretty fine, normal week. It was getting
cold but the last few days have been blistering hot, it's like a fine
temperature but if you are in the sun you are going to boil to death.
Anyway, I don't mind it, I would rather it be hot than cold.

Brother Madsen from our Lehi Stake!

I hope you all have a good week! Enjoy going to school Margaret. It's
good for you.

I'm praying for you all!

Love, Raines Shimai

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