Monday, October 12, 2015

Volcanoes and Conference, What Could Be Better?‏

*WARNING NO PICTURES THIS WEEK* (sorry for the inconvenience, they
will be sent some other time)
Konnochiwa Kazoku
This week has been very eventful. I am sorry I can't send pictures but
I will tell you. We went to Sakurajima the volcano! I almost fell
right into the lava!! Just kidding. We didn't even get close to it. We
took a way awesome ferry ride from our side of southern Kyushuu over
to the little island that the volcano is on. It was way awesome! All
of the Taniyama missionaries went, so four sisters and the two elders.
They had a few visitor centers that we fun, sand a natural hot spring
we (well I didn't because feet gross me out) put our feet into, and it
was a lot of fun. There was this awesome dinosaur park for kids we ran
around in like children. The volcano is so beautiful and the area
surrounding it too. I was really stunned. I can't believe I am so
privileged to be here in this truly amazing country, where the culture
and people are as beautiful as the scenery. What a blessing.
After that the Sister Training Leaders came for splits. Dad do you
know the Wilkinson family from the North Stake? Wilkinson Shimai and I
know each other from school, so it was weird to talk about Lehi High
school amidst the Japanese and missionary work. It was weird. But we
had fun together. The other Shimaitachi found a really awesome new
investigator so we are beginning to work with her!
I don't know what else to say besides that general conference was
completely amazing. It was such a relaxing, spirit filled, tender
time. I think I'm turning into dad. Like, the little tiny tears when
he feels the spirit type. Yeah. Not a bawler, but I think I have that
Raines part in me. The spirit touched me so strongly. I loved all of
the speakers, but I especially loved Elder Renlunds talk. It really
touched me a lot and I felt how sincerely he believes this wonderful
gospel. I really loved Elder Hollands talk. But boy it made me a
little home sick. Mom, you are that amazing mother he is talking
about, truly, you have made it possible for each of us, your children,
to have this good of a life that we take too much for granted, so,
along with Elder Holland, thank you for being that greatest mother you
can be. You've made me who I am, and you are continually helping to
shape me into more. Needless to say, conference was wonderful. I
continued the tradition, I took the candy and bought a bunch of other
junk and we camped out, all of us English speakers just chowing down
on the goodies and spirit. Ahhh why is it over!
We had a lesson yesterday that was awesome! Last week we housed into
this Buddhist lady who said we could come back to give her a Book of
Mormon. It was one of those types of "yeah sure" that's really
questionable, but we decided to go back any way and see what we could
make of it. We were a little concerned she wouldn't be home or
something would come up, but we went and she was there! Not only that,
but we talked about the restoration, the Book of Mormon and she
willingly took it. We are super excited for her. We think if we can
meet her regularly she would be able to get baptized, but we will see
what happens. One thing I think I have and an consistently learning
here on my mission, especially in Japan, is that everything is in the
Lords timing. There is nothing I can do other than to be where he
needs me when He needs me to be there, and then I just have to have
faith that all things will work out in the end. I love my Savior and
He truly has blessed us this week. I love testifying of he Book of
Mormon, because I know for myself that it's true. It's real, and like
President Uchtdorf said, this gospel works.
Other than those awesome things, I made up a Dendo song because I was
bored while we were biking. We made banana bread, planned for the
Halloween party, and today is a national "undo" exercise day, or PE
day or sports day or something so we got invited to go play with some
members.... Wish me luck. You all know how much I just CRAVE sports.
It's in my blood. I am type S for sports. Yes.
I keep you all in my prayers. I love you all, have a good week okay?
Do something fun for Fall Break! Enjoy it while it lasts ;)
Raines Shimai レインズ姉妹
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