Sunday, December 13, 2015

Just Hear Those Sleigh Bells Ring-A-Ling

Konnichiwa Kazoku

This week has been another week of missionary work. Yes. On Monday,
however we got taken to a really fancy, cool, restaurant that was all
you can eat and I showed off my ice cream making skills. Yeah. Go
Maceys....? Anyway, that was fun. Christmas is in the air! Not nearly
as big of a deal as in America but I am making it happen inside of my

Our investigators are kind of trailing away from us, and it is a
little bit discouraging. We have been doing everything we can do but
now we have literally done all we can do to help them and the
situation is now in the Lords hands. It is hard when you have a goal,
to not get caught up in wanting everything to be on your own time, but
waiting on the Lords time is what counts. We are trying really hard,
and working even more than before.

We had a cool little miracle this last week though. We had been taught
in one of our trainings about finding with the spirit, and we decided
to just do that this one night. We picked a certain area but not
specific blocks or anything to house, we just were going to be
completely lead. So we got to the area, got off our bikes and started
with a prayer, and then every turn or crossroads we came to we had to
ask each other which way felt the best. So we did that over and over
and finally picked this one complex. Well, we made two return
appointments in a row and we have gone back already and one of them
wasn't there, but we were able to teach one of them a lesson and he
promised he would come to church! We are really excited to see where
we can help him to progress to, and we are trying but that was just a
small cool experience we had this week. The Lord will truly guide us
if we sincerely ask for His help.

This week we had clean checks and we passed of course, but the senior
couple brought us peanut butter! It has been very delicious. It is
extra crunchy, so not quite as sickeningly good as smooth, but still
pretty good. Here in Kagoshima the only peanut butter I have been able
to find was at a foreign goods store, the size you can only eat one
sandwich from and it was too expensive. I mean I have eaten enough
peanut butter over the course of my life to cover all the major land
masses on this earth, so I figure I can wait until I go home, but they
brought us a huge jar from Costco. It is delicious. That has been

Yes it is cold. Yes I am fine. There's literally nothing I can do
about being cold. If I need more stuff I can get it here but so far
it's been fine. Although I think the worst part is how cold my hands
get while I am riding my bike in the freezing cold rain. I literally
can't do anything about it. All the gloves in the world won't keep the
rain and cold out, so if I come home without fingers, I am sure you
will still be able to love me.

Other than that it has been pretty normal here. We have this really
funny member who literally everything she says is spoken in the same
note in the upper hand side of where you might play on the piano, and
we shared a message with her yesterday. We were feeling the spirit and
her mom was feeling it, and we asked how she felt after we prayed and
she said "uh... I feel pretty normal." And just smiled at is in her
funny smile. It was great, it made me feel like I had really done
something wonderful. Just making everyone feel so normal. Haha

Yeah, anyway, did you get the Christmas call email? Only 40 minutes :(
That's a really big bummer. But I can skype. I'll let you know when we
will call later. I am not sure now, but it will probably be Christmas
Eve in America if that's okay. Yeah, anyways, I love you!

Don't freeze, enjoy Christmas music and candy. Don't get too fat, but
if you don't gain some weight your not doing it right. Merry

Love, Raines Shimai

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