Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Stocking Was Hung From the Tack With Care

Konnichiwa Kazoku

Dear Mom, 
You have no idea how happy getting that stocking in the mail made me. I read the letter first and you mentioned "stocking" and I ripped it open and it was literally the coolest thing I have ever seen. Who needs Japanese souvenirs? It is absolutely beautiful! And you made it so fast! How long did it take you to make it? I LOVE IT. It will always be a really special treasure (I even said "tray-shure) to me. I really cant believe how beautiful it is. Thank you so so much. I love you! I sent a package last week so, it should get there next week or something maybe. I am excited for Scott to see what I sent him ;) Also, thank you Aunt Jenny and the Young Women and the Moore's for thinking about me this season! I loved getting your packages and cards. It made me so happy because I made my own wall of little Christmas cards that I hung up like I would at home! Thank you!!

Wow this week has been crazy. Literally crazy. I feel like this week has been so busy! Wow. We had a lot of lessons and a lot of crazy things happen. Today is Transfer day and the new news is that our apartment is going to go from Four-Man to Two-Man, and it will be just Styles Shimai and I. What that means is that literally all of the investigators and other work the other two Shimai were doing is going to be ours now! It is really exciting and nervewracking and terrifying all at the same time. It has been nice this transfer to train because we always had a Nihonjin in the apartment to do the hard things like call for packages and help us know when things are, but now we are going to have to do it all on our own. Wow, I better start studying kanji. 

Our investigators are doing better this week. We are helping them to keep progressing. It always feels so good when you know someone is progressing in the gospel. It is heart breaking when you know they arent trying, but when they are it feels so good. We found a new investigator this week as well. She is a really young mom and she said that if she came to know this message was true that she would be baptized! We are going to meet with her tomorrow and extend a specific date and invite her to work towards that. We are really excited for our area right now, we are having a lot of people come out of the wood work and are really starting to see some progress. We are trying to work hard still and are doing everything we feel we can do. 

We got a call from our district leader this week and we have been asked to stop doing our game night which was really sad and disappointing, because we had some awesome things we wanted to do with it, but I know how important it is for us to follow the counsel of our leaders. 

We found this other man this week who was in his pajamas at his door and we gave him the small message that we always do and then we made a return appointment with him. We went to visit him again, thinking maybe he would be dressed in something else, knowing we were going to come over, but to our surprise he was wearing his pajamas and cheeta print slippers. He is so interesting. He just like stares into your soul when you talk to him. Haha we laughed so hard afterwards. I wish I could take videos of the experiences we have. These people are so interesting and awesome, and I cant really capture a good picture of them in words. I guess I am just part of this new generation of picture sharing, words dont quite cut it sometimes. But anyways, we were able to give him a Book of Mormon and he said he would read it. But we are excited, really excited because there are more and more people just appearing out of no where for us to teach and bring back to our Savior, Jesus Christ, and we are really thrilled. 

Nothing else really interesting has happened, just a lot of missionary work. Thats interesting I guess. We have a lot more people to care for now with the other Shimai leaving, and we feel a lot of responsibility and pressure to make sure everything gets done well. I sometimes wonder why things happen the way that they do, but we just have to keep that faith that it will all work out in the end. 

In other news, We are going to have full day P-Day next Friday, so we get to skype! Yay! We will be calling at 10:30 am here, so that should be around 6:30pm Christmas Eve for you folks. I AM SO FLIPPING EXCITED. 

Yeah, so I wont talk to you until Friday. I wont email next week probably, so I am sorry. Maybe I will email on Christmas? I am not sure how it all works, but I am so crazy excited to skype you. I have been getting really nervous almost! You better have some good questions for me! But after Christmas I get to skype you a lot sooner for Mothers Day, so that will be fun! That will only be 5-6 months instead of 7!!! Dad don't be too excited for me to say much in Japanese. 

Wish us luck this week. We are doing our best out here in Taniyama!

I love you all!


Love, Raines Shimai

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