Monday, January 11, 2016

Year Of The Saru

Konnochiwa Kazoku, How do you do?

I just wrote you like five seconds ago, but I will write again I suppose.

In the last three days I have done a lot. On New Years we went to the
mall and it was crazy jam packed. However it was sort of thrilling. I
got some cute note pads and stuff so that was fun. I also found a
"Frog and Toad" paper holder which is so small I am not sure what to
use it for but it was so cute I just bought it. I'll find some good
use for it. After that we met up with the other missionaries in
Kagoshima and we went to a huge shrine. It was so full of people we
couldn't really see it, but it was fun to go anyway. It is so
interesting. It reminded me of how some people only go to church on
Easter. Haha. They all showed up for the holiday. It was cool. Oh yeah
and the Elders made us "Samoan sandwiches" which is bread, ramen,
spam, egg and a lot of ketchup. It was actually pretty good. Except it
kind of made me sick, but it was good.

This year is the year of the monkey and for some reason it feels
fitting. Monkey year. 2016. Monkeys are crazy and so this year will be
for me. I have thought a lot about this, you know.

I was going to try and find a cool puzzle for Kenzie with some kind of
Japanesey thing on it, but it looks like the local smiths market place
understands "cool Japanese puzzle" better than I do, so thanks for
doing that for me ;) maybe I'll get a hello kitty one or something.

Yesterday, Sunday we were invited to the Kaneko family's house for
dinner! It was so fun! I haven't felt that happy in a while. I love
spending good time with members. They are so amazing and have great
faith. They fed us some soup with mochi and mushrooms and some other
stuff I wasn't sure about, and chicken and pasta and rice and chips
and a lot of good food. We were really happy, and we took one of my
favorite pictures ever! A lot of Nihonjin and us missionaries in the
middle. I'll send it to you, but I seriously love this family! Not
everyone was able to come but it was still fun.

I am really excited to get back to "normal." This week should be good.
We have some lessons set up and some plans we are excited for and we
are excited to go and work hard.

That's really weird you got rid of the Subaru. I liked that car... But
I guess it's good you got your CRV now! It looks fun. We will have to
go on a road trip in it sometime. Maybe to the redwood forest in
California 😉😉😉

Well, I have a lot of pictures I want to send, so I am making this
letter a little short. But I love you all! Have a good week at school
and normal life :)

Love, Raines Shimai

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