Monday, April 25, 2016

German Kekko

Konnichiwa Kazoku,

Okay, on Monday night we were streeting and Shibayama Shimai got all
excited because there were these two extremely tall, blond, thin
ladies walking our way. I was kind of terrified. Well, she stopped
them and they told us they were from Germany, yadda yada. So I asked
if they had ever heard anything about our church and one said,
"Nothing that I like." And laughed. Well, I laughed too because I was
surprised. Then the other goes, "At least that was a honest answer"
and I kind of tried to take it back a little asking about them and
what not and they said, "We don't want to talk about it, good bye."
And walked away. We thought it was kind of funny but honestly I have
so much respect for missionaries around the world who deal with that
all day long! I am blessed to be among the Japanese.

We went to this random place far away to Dendo. It was a lot of fun.
From the train station, located in the middle of no where, a thirty
minute walk up a mountain and after much questioning if there were
even one home in existence, we found this silent, brand new town at
the top. It was so weird. It was so quiet, and away from all
civilization, but everyone was in their homes, it was just a lot of
fun and it was a new experience. Yay for Dendo.

The Sakura came out these past few weeks, but it rained and now they
are all gone. How is the tree in the back yard? I bet it's pretty.

Shibayama Shimai and I hit our year mark in the field. I have lived
here for over a year now! Isn't that crazy! It's amazing to me. We
were able to go to a members apartment and help her clean up some. She
is kind of an interesting lady and as we were praying to leave my hand
kind of tickled. I looked down and there was a cockroach on my hand! I
silently freaked out, flung the thing away from me and proceeded,
smiling, yet heart thumping to pray and we left, almost unharmed. Yes
folks, it is spring, the bugs are coming out and I love Japan.

We had junkai this week and I was with Sister Willson. She is so cute!
Her and her companion also are from Australia so they are lively
people. We had a lot of fun together.

The best part of the week was General Conference! Eight hours of pure
joy and happiness. We used the bingo cards mom! It was SO MUCH FUN.
And the elders loved, and ate, the skittles and m&ms. (I saved some
for me too. My love for m&ms has greatly increased since my mission
began.) I really loved every talk. I loved Elder Hollands talk because
it was what I needed right at the end. I WAS worried about "tomorrow"
but it made me realize, it's all okay! There's really, no need to
stress. And I liked Elder Gong as well.

Well, that's about as exciting as my week was. I don't really care
where I live. If I hate it I can always move somewhere different. I
can do the 8 class for Japanese. I am actually kind of freaking out if
I'll be able to pass it or not. I really am not very good still.

The desk looks absolutely amazing! I can't believe you made it! That's
so cool. I can't wait to see it in person. How is everyone doing? I
love you all.

Love, Raines Shimai

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