Monday, April 25, 2016

Bunny Island

Konnochiwa Suteki Kazoku,

This week has blown by. I am amazed at how the time is going. When I
was first in the mission field I thought every day would never end and
now I feel like it goes much too quickly. It's amazing to me. However,
I am extremely jealous you are getting a Taco Bell in Lehi. I wish
they would build one here in Saijo. I want exquisitely salted,
Nacho-cheese dipped chips with some sweet, sugar covered, fried,
twists on the side. What a pleasure. What a delight. But it's okay.
This week we went to a members home and made pudding with her and her
daughter. Sasaki Shimai. She is a Philippine and her daughter is half
Japanese. They are the best! We made Philippine pudding. It was so
amazing. She made it for a relief society activity and I kind of
begged her to give us the recipe, but she just invited us over to make
it with her instead. I was so thrilled.

This week, like I previously mentioned, we went to Miyajima. It was a
lot of fun. We had melon pan ice cream too! It's like a really sweet
bread cut in half with ice cream in the middle. It was delicious.
Also, I touched the deer. Shocker right? Well, we are actually on our
way to BUNNY ISLAND. No really. There is an island inhabited with
thousands of bunnies. And we are going today to see it! I am so
excited! I am sitting on the train, writing this email. I'll tell you
all about it later. But we had an Easter Party as well on Monday. It
was fun and there were a lot of non-member or less actives that came
so it was a great activity.

We had junkai this week. The Shimai from Hikari came, Sister Welte and
Sister Myers. I was able to junkai with Sister Welte. We had a lot of
fun and saw a miracle! We were going to go home for dinner, but we
decided "let's just talk to one more person" so we stopped these two
fifteen year old girls. One of them was like "oh yeah, I have met you
before, and I have had interest for a long time." And she pulls our
flyer out of her wallet! She's been holding onto it for over a year!
Isn't that crazy! She was so willing to meet again and exchange
information and stuff. I felt like it was unreal. She has real
interest. Well, Saturday, we met with her for the first lesson and
when we talked about baptism, she said she wants to be baptized! There
is still a lot to figure out and stuff, but I am pretty sure she will
be baptized sometime soon. We need to get it all settled and stuff but
we are so happy. It really was a miracle.

We had zone conference this week as well! It was probably one of my
favorites so far on my mission. Kaicho talked about setting goals and
how we can break them down to make them easier and more manageable to
achieve. I really liked it because I tend to set these really high
goals and then I either don't know how to do it or I just give up
because it seems too hard. But I really liked it. It was a good
conference. Sister Egan talked about being diligent. It was just a
really good conference. Sister Shibayama and I had to present training
as well. We talked about being a Successful Missionary from page ten
in PMG. It went well. We had them all draw what they think a
successful missionary is and then we told them they could be that! And
we invited them to write down something they are willing to do in
order to become that successful missionary. Overall it went well, and
it was a great spiritual uplift.

I feel like everyone is having so much fun! I am so jealous you are
all watching conference together! I miss that, and Scott and Kenzie
are in NEW YORK I am so so so jealous. :( Also, Alex emailed me and
she is pregnant. Did you know? What else is going on I haven't been
told yet??? Those classes sound fine. What time is the afternoon
Japanese course? Like early or late afternoon? It should be fine. I
have no idea what those classes are, but I trust you! It will all work
out. Marg I am proud of you for doing track! Even though you may not
really like it, it will help you learn discipline and the importance
of being healthy! If you don't like it, there's other things you can
do, but you are doing great!

Wow! I just went to bunny island! It was real! I was half skeptical it
wouldn't be real but it was! I am amazed! There were bunnies
EVERYWHERE. It was so cool! I'll attach some pictures. Sorry I still
can't send pictures from my camera. :/

I love you all! I hope you have a "hoppin'" good week!

Love, Raines Shimai

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