Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Happy Easter!

Konnichiwa Kazoku!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! I loved the pictures you sent
me. Everyone looks so old and changing. It's amazing to me. Lillie
looks about the same, really cute, but the same but Coopers hair is so
curly! I didn't realize how curly it was until you sent that picture.
Does that mean he is going to be bald? Scott and Kenzie's picture
looks really cute too. And Margo has braces! Wow. I can't really wrap
my head around that. Marg is still so thin! I am jealous! By the time
I was almost 14 I was like twice as big as her. Haha. Maybe more. Keep
up the work Marg. But I didn't get any pictures of Mom or Dad. You
didn't take a family picture? Next time you're all together you'll
have to do that. Thanks for all writing me! I love when you all write
in Moms email. Dad is always so practical, telling me about home
projects and Margaret always has some weird funny bet going on or some
fun thing to tell me about. Scott, good luck with your paper. And
Kenzie you have to send me that persons name! Are her parents Mormon?
I might know them. Also, yes, Scott and Kenzie set me up a nice
schedule. Honestly I don't want to take two religion courses. Well, I
guess it depends. What are the religion teachers at BYU Provo like? At
BYU Idaho it's like seminary on steroids. I kind of hated it. But if
Provo is different... I don't know. I thought about it on my own and I
would like to take New Testament, Japanese, a Global Awareness class,
and maybe civilizations credits. Just fun generals, fun, interesting
ones. I want to take classes I'll enjoy for a semester. Maybe
something crazy like yoga or something. Does BYU Provo have a gym
students can use? I trust you. But don't give me too many credits.
13-15 is about good. Also, I asked Lowe Shimai if she wanted to room
but she isn't going until Winter so, I will just have to try my
chances. Also, yes, I would like to take Physical Science with you! No
competition right? ;)  I will be fine with whatever. Lauren, Jake,
your kids are adorable. When is the next one coming?

I got your Easter package too! I feel like you guys are spoiling me! I
have been craving Reese's lately so that was a blessing and I am in
love with the Aloha Coconut Chapstick. Also, I planted my seeds so we
will see how big they grow! Thanks for sending me some home. They
don't really celebrate Easter here, even members. So I felt kinda
lonely opening my basket. I missed you guys a lot! But it was fun.
Thank you!

"How are we feeling about this, 24 piece set here?"

I feel like time is going faster. I can't believe March is almost
over. It seems kind of weird to me. This week, on Monday I got this
skirt at a second hand shop for like 6 bucks. "Yeah right Napoleon, I
made like 75 bucks today." And I was way happy because it's the first
skirt I have gotten in Japan and it looks really cute. And it actually
fits. So I wore it yesterday for Easter right? Well, yesterday night
we were biking and my bike was making this weird noise and so I pulled
on my breaks to see what was wrong and then my stomach just dropped
because I realized I probably pulled my breaks on my skirt. Yes.
There's a nice hole in the back of my skirt. The life of a missionary.

Scott, do you remember doing that finger break dancing? Well, at
Eikaiwa we asked everyone if they had a random talent and that's what
I did. And it was pretty great if I do say so myself.

We went to the basketball volunteering again this week. It was fun as always.

We have had a few good lessons. But two of our investigators are these
old people and they both have a pet they can't leave at home by itself
so they can't come to church. It's kind of hard to know what to do in
that situation. We keep looking for younger people too. Recently they
asked us to focus on younger people but I can only ever get old
people. Haha. I am just not hip.

Today we went to Miyajima the famous shrine in the water and there are
deer that just wander around. It was a lot of fun. I'll have to send
pictures next week. I am sorry!

I don't have anything else interesting to say. I hope you have a good
week! I love you all and Happy Easter!

Love, Raines Shimai

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