Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Thanks Shania

Suteki Kazoku,

Well, I think I either have allergies or I caught your cold here in
Japan through the miracle of technology? I am fine I just can't
breathe. I was caught thinking of the song by Shania Twain "It Only
Hurts When I Breathe" except in a more literal sense. But other than
that, I am fine. I have energy and want to work I just have a nose
that's running like the Niagra and sound like a stuck whale. But I got
up last night to take some medicine and I ate a cookie and this
morning Shibayama Shimai was like "what were you eating last night."
She thought I just got up to eat. It was pretty funny. I guess that
proves the whale part.

Anyways, this week went well. On Tuesday we went to Fukuoka for
Missionary Leadership Council and it was really good. It was pretty
cool because we got to take the opinions of everyone in the mission
and came together with Kaicho and kind of came up with new Standards
of Excellence. It was really cool! We all shared opinions and talked
about the needs of the mission and how we feel we can improve and we
set some great goals for the mission. We are excited to move forward
and try harder. Other than that's just traveling to Fukuoka and back
was really fun.

We decided to be exactly obedient when getting out the door after
lunch that's always the hardest. We just sometimes take too long
eating or getting ready putting on makeup and dumb stuff or whatever.
But you know, whatever. Anyway, we decided when we wanted to go and we
have been doing it and we feel like we have seen a lot of little
miracles from it. Also, last night I felt pretty crappy but I kind of
didn't want to stop, so we kept pushing and going and working and
talking to people and housing and we found this old couple who have
had missionaries come before and we also set a return appointment with
a really sweet lady for this week. I really felt like because we have
been showing faith, that God is blessing us. I know He what's to bless
us every day if we let Him. Sometimes it is our own fault that we done
receive those blessings.

This week at Eikaiwa Nomura Shimai, a member, brought funny glasses
and we all took pictures wearing them. I hope you enjoy it. I sure
love you all! I'll send more pics next week.

Hopefully next week I'll have more to say.

Raines Shimai

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