Tuesday, March 29, 2016

El Libro De Mormon

Ohaiyogozaimasu Kazoku

Okay, I am sorry I made you worry about that watch so much! I feel way
bad! I did actually buy a new one but I am excited to have the other
as well. I will look for it in the mail! I also got your package from
Jenny and You. The water bottles are great, thanks! And I liked the
shirt a lot. It smells like home. I have been wearing it to bed. :)
Also, the Shimai in my apartment were smelling it and were surprised
at how good it smelled. Yeah, a life without dryers is tough. Haha.

This week I had a huge miracle and it has a story too. So, when I was
in Fukuoka with Sister Layton, there was this grandpa that we always
rode our apartment elevator with by coincidence. So we talked to him a
lot. He asked a few questions here and there and we finally decided to
invite him to our ward BBQ, this was in the Summer. Well he only came
for like five minutes and then left. We saw him again and invited him
to church, and he came once but that was kind of it, and he kind of
disappeared. So we just kind of didn't think much about it, I
transferred and Layton Shimai too, and guess what?? HE GOT BAPTIZED
THIS WEEK! I got a call from President Egan telling me about it and I
was so happy! Apparently he remembered we were the first ones to talk
to him, but we never really taught him. It is so amazing how the Lord
works! There truly is a plan for everyone and all we can do is try to
help to move the work forward. I have been thinking so much about how
much influence we all have on one another! Don't doubt how much people
are watching you, because as members of the church we have a lot of
people watching us every day. I didn't do much for him, but it turned
into something beautiful because of the Lords grace. Isn't that
amazing?! I was really happy to hear about that this week.

We also went to visit our investigator, but she was busy so her mom
just let us in and we taught her! She is from Peru, so that's probably
why she let us in, but it was a great experience and we will probably
be able to teach them as a family! I am so happy! Also, she wasn't
sure what "Morumonsho" was but when I said "El Libro De Mormon" she
knew right what we were talking about and went a grabbed it. I felt so
good! Yeah! My minimal, Nacho Libre influenced Spanish finally came
into play! Whoo! She thought it was pretty cool when I told her Dad
and Scott both know Spanish, she seemed happy. Anyway, she was cute.

We also had dinner with our other investigator and had Furutani Shimai
come for a joint. It went pretty well and she came to our Eikaiwa
after and stayed for the party! We had a bye bye party for Elder
Harrell because he transferred. The ward members came and it was a fun
time. We had to leave but she stayed and talked with the members
afterwards! We were so happy! But we are worried because literally all
but one YSA in our branch are leaving this month for missions or for
Summer break or school is over. Oh yeah, we live close to Hiroshimai
University. Anyway, that's a worry we have but God has a plan for
everyone so we are happy.

All four of us Shimai stayed for this transfer. We are excited to see
what miracles will happen this coming transfer. I am now transfer 9! I
am getting really old! I can relate to your gray hair mom!

That's really nice of Ed Solomon to bring me something. I feel kinda
bad, you have sent me so much stuff lately! I kind of don't feel like
you need to send me anything! But if there is anything, maybe more
toothpaste. Also, the deodorant you sent me kind of gives me a
headache because of the smell. It kind of smells like Jakes car, like
really strong perfume or something. Baha hahahahahaha (I still love
you Jake.) Maybe dove or degree, powder scent. The Secret clinical is
too strong too. I can't do fun smells it just kind of hurts my head,
but you don't really need to send anything if it will be a problem.
What you have sent is amazing and I am grateful for it!

I love you all very much. Have a nice week.

Love, Raines Shimai

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