Tuesday, March 29, 2016

It's Not April 25th But I Am Wearing A Light Jacket

Konnichiwa Kazoku,

First I am so sad because I lost my watch. I lost it about two weeks
ago and I have gone through everything in the apartment like ten times
and through all my stuff like thirty times and when we bike I look on
the road for it, but I finally decided it's just gone now. I am really
sad. I wore it every day for the past year or so and it just
disappeared. So I have to get a new one but I am way bummed.

Also, the weather has been so weird! It snowed last week and then this
week has been in the high fifties/sixties and it has been beautiful!
All I need is a light jacket.

This week wasn't too exciting. We had normal Dendo and stuff. It's
been getting harder to get return appointments this week for some
reason but we have gotten two referrals so I am excited about that.
Those are rare! We are just trying out best. That's sometimes all we
can do. All we can do is invite, and it's up to others to accept that
invitation or not. Our grandpa investigator that we passed to the
Elders has a baptismal date! Whoohoo! I hope it goes through!

The other Shimai in our apartment had a baptism this week! We were
really happy for them! She is from China and she is a really solid new
investigator! We are really happy for her and I was grateful to see a

This week we went to a special needs basketball activity! It was for
service and we might be able to go every week! It was SO FUN! It was
so good. We taught them how to play basketball a little bit and then
we did warm up and stuff with some older people. It was so fun. I
really have a special place in my heart for people with special needs.
They make me so happy.

We still haven't gotten our calls yet but I am 100% sure we are
staying here together. It will be good I think. I am excited for this

I love you. Sorry this email is short I can't think of anything else to write.


PS yes I got the package! Thanks for the meds and candy! I love you!

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