Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Atomic Bombs and Blessings.

Konnichiwa Kazoku!

This week has been good. I can truly see Gods hand in our work. We had
14 lessons this week! We were so happy. We have been going and
visiting the deaf couple a few times this week too. We can't
communicate too well so the lessons are on standby but we are starting
to remember little by little the sign language they teach us. I have
loved it! They are really funny and cute old people. We also found a
new investigator this week who is reading the Book of Mormon really
well and we are planning on passing him over to the Elders so they can
teach him. He is old too. Haha. All of my investigations are always
old people. But I love it. I think I get along with old people better
than my own age group. 👴🏻 But we also have another investigator who
is young and she has been progressing as well. She is really quiet and
shy and doesn't really like to answer questions but she has been doing
the commitments we give her and she is more than willing to meet, so
we are happy. We started out with no investigators five weeks ago and
now we have this huge pool of people we are working with. The Lord
truly is blessing us.

We were able to go with the Senior couple to visit a less active who
lives an hour away by car. So that went well, and the drive was
gorgeous. Plains and small rolling hills, houses scattered here and
there. It was really quite a treat. Well, the less active is really
awesome too. She has a really strong testimony but because she is
older and lives so far away she has no consistent way to make it to
church. It was fun to visit with her. The senior sister, Minamimoto
Shimai gave us pictures from our visit, so I'll have to send those
home if I remember :)

This week we had junkai again. The Shimai from Hatsukaichi came.
Kitchen and Mckenzie Shimai. They are way awesome missionaries! I was
able to junkai with Mckenzie Shimai. She is a second transfer and from
Australia. I had a lot of fun talking with her. I am always amazed
when I see newer missionaries and how much they know already! I feel
like I still know nothing sometimes! It's always fun to junkai with
other Shimai and see how they Dendo and learn new ideas. I love the
Shimai in our zone!

I had to teach Sunday School this week for the English class. It was
so weird! I am such an awkward person when I teach in English! But it
was an easy topic (prayer) and I only had twenty minutes so it wasn't
bad. Everyone seemed to enjoy it so it was fine. I was glad I could

Yesterday we got a referral from the Elders. A young girl. They told
us she lived thirty minutes away so we thought, "okay, let's try to
visit and teach her." Well to our not really surprise it took us an
hour to get there and an hour back. We were biking so hard and so fast
and it took twice as long haha. We weren't able to meet her, just her
mom, but we set up an appointment for another day so we are happy
about that. Just a little biking story.

Today the reason my mail is late is because we went to the Atomic Bomb
sight and museum! It was amazing! A lot of people go and come out
feeling sad but honestly when I left I felt so much happiness that we
are all friends again and that we can remember those terrible things
with forgiveness in our hearts. I love Japan. I love the Japanese
people and I am so glad I am accepted here, and that I can share the
culture with these wonderful people. The museum was amazing and well
put together. It had a lot of little objects burned in the heat from
the radiation and it was saddening.

We also went to COSTO! Rogers Shimai got a gift card and it let us all
in and I bought a thing of Nutella! I am so happy! I felt like I was
home for a moment while I was there. It made me miss America a little
but I had fun and it was a good experience.

Well, onto the serious business. I am sorry about my lack of
enthusiasm. I think I was just kind of overwhelmed. I am sorry if it
upset you all. I was kind of secretly hoping everyone would tell me
how awesome BYU is or something, when I asked for advice, but that was
selfish of me. About two weeks ago I prayed and told Heavenly Father
if I got accepted I would go, and I got accepted so I am going. I
guess I didn't make that clear this last week. I am not really
deciding whether to go to BYUI or not. I am going to go to Provo. Even
if I wanted to go to BYUI I wouldn't. The only reason I am sad to not
go to Idaho is because I have a lot of friends there, but there are
more people and more adventures waiting for me in Provo. Honestly, I
am just kind of overwhelmed about it all. I am excited to go, just
overwhelmed. I actually am not concerned about money, funny enough. I
was thinking about it and there are a lot of different ways for me to
earn money or pay for school, so I am not afraid of that. I am not
worried about work either. Even if Scott can't get me a job I can find
something I am sure. Provo has a lot more options for work than Idaho
ever did. If Scott could get me a boring library job I would be in
heaven, but I wouldn't be against Guest Services or even cleaning the
campus. Really, anything will be fine.

Next week is transfer week so PDay will be on Tuesday. I'll email you
then. Also I don't have a computer so I'll send pictures another day,
maybe next week if I can. Sorry! I have some good ones.

I love you.

Raines Shimai

P.S. I found a lot of strength in the hymn "The Lord Is My Light" this
week. If you get a chance, read the lyrics! They are inspiring. Also,
how are the Coxes? Any other returned missionaries? Married people?
Tell Ryan congratulations from me.

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