Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Fukuoka and Back

Konnichiwa Kazoku!

This week was so much fun! On Monday for PDay we went into Hiroshima
and met the Shimai there and went shopping! Typical me, I bought a
journal and everyone else got clothes. Haha, but it was fun anyway. We
didn't have a ton of time but I can't wait to go back!

On Tuesday Kumano Shimai and I junkaied. They live in our apartment so
it was easy and fun. Wednesday was really normal. We had a bunch of
lessons scheduled but they all fell through so we just had Eikaiwa
that night and dendoed.

Thursday we all took a bus down to Fukuoka for a conference with
Yamashita Choro from the area presidency. We stayed at the Fukuoka
Shimai apartment for the night and it was a lot of fun. I love being a

On Friday we had the conference and it was so good! I felt like it was
made just for me. I felt like I could continue to move forward and try
harder. It was a really hopeful conference. Usually conferences and
meetings are all about improving, doing more, doing better, looking at
the things we can improve but I really appreciated it because
Yamashita Choro and Egan Kaicho and their wives really just told us to
keep trying to take what we can give and give it but to stop being so
hard on ourselves. Egan Kaicho talked about Elder Ballards talk with
the gold prospector how he didn't find huge nuggets of gold but over
time collecting small flecks he was able to have a lot of wealth. I
really took it to heart and I loved it.

Saturday was normal.

Sunday we had two deaf investigators come to church! We had to ask a
sister from another Ward to come and translate for them but it was a
really near experience! Japanese sign language makes so much sense and
it was amazing to watch them talk to each other. I really felt the
spirit and I was grateful that I had the opportunity to meet them.
Hopefully they can progress from here.

Well, I love you all and I hope you're having fun with the newly
painted big room. It looks good mom! I knew it would end up cream some
day. It just had to happen. Our family can't do color. Haha. I sure
love you all!

When does BYU need me to accept by? Also, I would get home on the 25
or 26 and then start school the next Monday, can I do that?! I might
be pooped! Please tell me what you guys think I should do. I love and
need your advice.

I love you!
Love Raines Shimai

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