Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Happy Valentines From All Over The World.

Ohayogozimasu Kazoku

Happy Valentines Day! 😘

Wow are we tired! You know, as much as I love housing and streeting
for 5-6 hours a day, a good nice P-Day is definitely needed. Yeah, we
dendoed a LOT this week. It's kind of crazy. But we had a good week.
We are finally getting some investigators, still not super solid, but
we are finding people and having more lessons and seeing success so we
are pushing forward and trying our hardest. We had a lot of time this
week to just find people but it was fun.

This week was my first exchange as an STL. It was way fun! I got to
junkai with Horio Shimai who is basically me in Japanese form. It was
awesome! We laughed and he even told me she liked SpongeBob. It was
way fun.

Saijo is an amazing place. This week we met people from:
And a lot of others I can't remember.
Amazing right?! It has been so fun and a lot of the time they speak
English! But usually they aren't interested. But it's nice to be able
to communicate, however, when I talk about normal every day things,
English is fine. But when we start talking about our message I get it
all confused with Japanese and it is really hard! I sometimes don't
know how to say things in English or it just takes me an awkwardly
long time to spit it out. It's been interesting.

This week we also had a Nabe Party at the senior couples house. It was
a huge success! We had at least six nonmembers there who we invited
from our investigators and also from Eikaiwa. It was so fun and
delicious! Nabe is like soup. It was SO good.

Ill be honest the color you picked looks kinda interesting so far, but
I think it will turn out fine. Are you going to do anything to the
fire place? Once you paint the walls all the other stuffs going to be
kind of 90's looking. Haha! Also you guys should fix the fireplace so
I can use it when I come home :) you know how much I loved that after
bath time as a kid :) hahaha

I can't send pictures again. I am sorry. We have to ask the senior
couple to use their personal laptop if we want to use a computer and
it's kind of hard, so hopefully I can find some other way to send
pictures. I really hate using my iPad for pictures but I have a few I
can send for this week. I sure love you! I hope you're feeling okay
mom. I am sorry I don't have anything more interesting to tell you! I
have just been talking to a lot of people this week, thats about it.

Keep working on the Big Room! It sound like you are all having fun. I
know how much dad loves to paint ;) I wish I could help!

love, Raines Shimai

P.s. Let me Know any news from BYU and also please ask the girls to
send me some work outs. I am dying.

I love you!

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