Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Special Message From Hawaii and Salt Lake

Ohayogozaimasu Kazoku!

This week went by quickly. We had Family Home Evening this week with
the Kiribayashi family and they were so kind! They fed us and gave us
desert and the message was fun and inspiring and we were able to get
to know them and a few other people from the ward. It was very good.

We have spent a lot of time this week looking for referrals with only
a little luck. It's hard to navigate and try to find random apartments
and houses when you don't know the area too well, but it's been an
adventure. We actually had a member take us around Itsukaichi, the
neighboring town and she like introduced us to a bunch of her friends.
She has so much Dendo fire it's incredible! She helped us make a few
return appointments and we made some great grandma friends :) haha.
The ward members here really are amazing.

We had splits this week again. But this time I was going to their
place. We went back to Saijo for the junkai and it was good. It was
weird to be back there already. I was with Sister Kozaki. We actually
served together in Taniyama before and she is now my replacement in
Saijo, so it was fun. We already knew each other, we tried some new
things and had a good time so we were happy.

Cute Grandpa.

We saw a crab on the street and I nearly died of excitement.

BYU Hawaii came to Hiroshima and we got to see their concert. It was
way fun! It was a choir and they did a lot of different songs and they
had some hula dancers and some other fun dancing and stuff that they
did and we had a blast and we were all able to take our investigators
and things. There is a family who has been coming to church for three
years and isn't baptized that we took with us. We are hoping we can
help them somehow. But it was a good experience. The theme was how we
are all children of this world and even thought we are different we
can love each other and get along. It was actually really spiritual,
yet fun. They did a great job.

Yesterday we had a regional conference and it was broadcasted from
Salt Lake. Elder Bednar, Elder Maynes, Elder Whiting and Sister Burton
all spoke. It was wonderful. They talked about keeping the Sabbath
Holy and Elder Bednar talked about consecration and what that means.
He said "It is not hard to live the gospel. Not living the gospel is
hard." And that is so true! I loved his talk and it was really strong
and bold, but it was a message this area needed to hear. I love
inspired leaders of this church. They always know what we need to

The other Shimai had a baptism last night. She was so nervous but it
was a really wonderful baptismal service. A TON of the members came
and supported her and it was amazing. I had to conduct the music and
we did a musical number for it. The spirit was so strong and she is
really going to be an amazing convert. I love baptisms!

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful week and continue to do your
best in all things. I know this church is true! I love you!

Love, Raines Shimai

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