Sunday, June 19, 2016

So Much Finding

Konnichiwa Kazoku,

This week has been exhausting and great. We have no investigators so
all of our time has been spent finding.

We were given a referral from a 16 year old member, Arisa in our ward
and we tried to find it. Well, when we knocked, the girls Dad
answered. We were kind of nervous but we just kept trying to say what
we felt would be good and we ended up talking to him a lot. He said he
isn't happy and he wants to be happy. We really testified that through
our message that he could be happy and he exchanged numbers with us
and we are going to try to start to teach him. It was a miracle. As we
walked away we felt so blessed that we were able to talk to him.

On Tuesday we met a lady from the Philippines named Donna. She only
sleeps one hour a day, had children and works two jobs. We have no
idea how we will be able to teach her, but she was given a Book of
Mormon in Hiroshima about six months ago so she wanted to hear more.
She was so sweet to us and she gave us her number as well. On the same
day we found this boy named Shota and he was so excited there were two
foreign girls on his doorstep. When we asked if he has ever felt
anything like regret or sadness he said, "yes, I regret that I never
learned English." And proceeded to tell us how English is cool, and
then told us how he went on a trip to Taiwan by himself. We were very
impressed. Haha. Anyway, we should be meeting with him soon so we will
see how it goes. We will probably have to pass him to the Elders.

A million graves. 

We had Zone Training this week and it went well. It was a little weird
being in the same zone and not giving he training but it was good too.
The Zone Leaders talked a lot about using the spirit and striving to
be able to use the spirit in everything we do, not just when we want
to or when we need to. It was good and it answered some of my
questions. There are so many ways that we can be in the world and not
of the world. I know this applies to non missionary folks as well. We
can always strive to stand in holier places and make our surroundings

We went to indo curry on PDay for lunch and invited this cute server
lady to our Eikaiwa and she came! She is so cute and Sister Brown and
I were able to tell her about our nametags and about God and why we
are called Sister and it was so great! I loved it. God really has a
plan for everyone.

I made fried rice for the first time in my life and if I do say so
myself, it was delicious.

We met this lady named Kurumi this week as well. We asked what kind of
fun things she does and she said her life isn't fun because her son
and mother both recently passed away from cancer. She said she is just
sad about it still. We had a really cool opportunity to teach her
about the plan of salvation and she accepted the Book of Mormon. She
pointed out where she lives and told us we could stop by sometime. She
said it was a miracle we met because the next day was the birthday of
her son who had passed away. It really was a miracle. We are going to
try and see her today.

Also, this week this grandma was trying to push her walker up a
mountain and so we stopped and helped her and talked to her. She told
us she was walking to Hatsukaichi which was like a twenty minute ride
from where we were. We asked why. She said, well, I have a meeting
with someone to drink. She said she only planned to live until she is
sixty and now she is eighty so she has to do something with her life.
She said it used to take her 45 minutes, but now her leg hurts it
takes and hour and 30 minutes. What a classic grandma. It was quite
hilarious. We had a good laugh.

The best part of the week was WE WENT TO THE TEMPLE! The Hatsukaichi
Ward members rented a bus and we all went down together! We were able
to do a session there and I haven't felt so much peace and comfort in
a long time. I feel like it was almost all planned for me. I was so
happy to be able to go. I feel so happy. I seriously love the temple.
The pondering and praying and the spiritual feelings you have at the
temple are amazing. I feel like my long separation from those
experiences have made me appreciate it more and really understand what
it feels like to not live so close to the temple. We should be doing
all we can and making all the effort to attend the temple. That is
where God can reach out to us in the most close manner. I love the
temple and I feel so much more ready to keep going and trying and I
can't wait to go back.

Sister Raines and Sister Brown

I sure love you guys. Thanks for always writing me. I am glad you had
a little vacation and got away. It sounds like you had fun. I sure
hope you had a wonderful time in the Burger City temple. It truly is
amazing how close you are to the temple always!

I love you! Have a good week!

Raines Shimai

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