Monday, July 18, 2016

Up and Down Here and Out That's What Makes The World Go Round

Konnichiwa Kazoku

This week was exactly that. Up and down. We met and set a baptismal
date with our sweet investigator and she just emailed us early this
morning and told us she isn't interested anymore. We are just sad and
kind of confused. We thought it was going so well, and we aren't
giving up, but it was just kind of sad. We have faith and are keeping
a good attitude, and we know The Lord is over this work!

Also, by the way, I will be able to see the Sapporo Temple Dedication
on my last Sunday here in Japan! How cool is that? I feel so lucky and
blessed! The Lord truly knows me.

Honestly not much really happened this week. Just normal things. But
we made more return appointments this week! And we met this really
nice grandma who knows a member and has been to our church before and
we met this grandpa on the same block who took lessons forty years ago
and took our Book of Mormon so he could read it again. He was so cute
and he was so impressed I could read the kanji on his name plate
outside of his house, haha it was so funny.

This thing was at least four or five inches. *body alone*

We did two member lessons this week, and Sister Brown and I passed off
some lesson mastery doing it. I passed off my lesson four long for the
second time and I did it on the Word of Wisdom. It went really well.
And then Sister Brown passed off lesson mastery 1 long. But the moral
of the story is that the members are amazing! They were willing to
give us tips to improve but were so kind and were so awesome to us. We
are so happy. I love this Ward.

I am glad Trey is home safe and sound! It was fun to read his emails
every week. I hope he has a good time at home now. I am glad you got
to see everyone and are having a good week. Have another good week of
your summer! I sure love you!

Love, Raines Shimai

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