Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Seven Elevens on The Eleventh of Seven


Well, congratulations. Yesterday was 7/11 day. I just want to make a
shout out to the Japanese people for being cool and having all of the
7/11 I could ever want. We went to a few and took pictures with seven
different ones. It was a lot of fun. Anyways.

This week went well. We tried really hard and had a lot of contacting
success. We are struggling to set return appointments and find new
investigators. It feels like we are doing all that we can. We just
need to trust that the Lord knows what is happening. We  taught our
investigators this week and they are all progressing. We are building
a really good relationship with the family we are teaching and they
are really warming up to us. It's more of a discussion now when we
talk and they really like it when we come over. We made a maze for
their son because he loves to draw mazes and he loved it! It was a
miracle haha.

We were housing and it was raining and we had had a pretty good day
for Dendo but not really any really success and we were just trudging
along and we knocked on this door and this grandma comes out and she's
telling us she isn't interested and then she tells us to come in
because she's never had Americans in her house. She started showing us
her calligraphy that she does and she gave us some and then let us try
and make our own! It was SO cool! She was such a classic Japanese
grandma it just killed me. I loved it so much. She was so cute. We
thought that was a pretty big miracle.

We haven't heard about transfers but we are pretty sure we are all
staying. Usually if you transfer you hear early, and we haven't gotten
a call yet, so I hope that's a good sign. I want to stay! I really
love it here. Even when it rains and it smells like dying fish I love
it! So so so much! I love these people so much. They are so wonderful.
The members have been giving us so much water and mugicha and all of
these really nice things because they are worried about us being too
hot and I just love it here. This week, Kiribayashi Shimai just
stopped by with two boxes of ice cream for us and just was so casual
about it like it was no big deal, but it meant so much to us because
we were so hot. It was such a blessing and I love these people.

On Tuesday night, I walked into my room and just casually crawling
around my desk was the biggest cockroach I have ever seen. It was so
scary. I almost died, but I tried to recruit someone else's help but
the other Shimai just freaked out and stared at it so I had to kill
it. It was so gross and fast and it was twitching for like ten minutes
after and it was so scary! Hahahahaha we are wimps :) But that was
something that happened this week :)

Well, I love you all so much. This gospel is true and I know it!

Have a good week!

Love, Raines Shimai

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