Thursday, August 11, 2016

No Bullets Here. I Sweat Rivers, People.

Konnichiwa Kazoku!

Well, that good old Japanese heat and humidity has hit and hard this
week. I always can feel rivers of water trickling down the middle of
my back. Yes, comfortable right? I still attempt to apply makeup in
the morning but it is usually all sweaty and basically no use by the
time companion study ends. It's all good. I just sleep sweaty, wake
sweaty, shower sweaty and the works. It's pretty great. Also, I don't
think I have sweated so much in a LONG TIME. Or maybe ever. We decided
to climb to the top of Miyajima which is the island across from us. It
took an hour and a half up and back was another hour and a half but it
was seriously just straight up stairs. And they weren't like the flat
stairs they were literally like almost as tall as my legs. It was so
so fun! We did it for District PDay. It was so satisfying and fun and
we all had a great time. We just kept going and going and we weren't
snailing along either. We sure we're hiking and the way down I
basically ran so I didn't have to stop every time I went down a step
because they were so steep. It was just so fun. I haven't been on a
hike in a while! That's why my letter is late today sorry! :) The top
was seriously incredible. We could see literally everything and it was
so beautiful today! I felt the spirit. God and his creations are
amazing. This was up there with the Grand Canyon! It's just amazing!
I'll try to send pictures but I just couldn't capture it.

Actually this week has been pretty great! We saw a lot of great
success! But we were so humbled. We really felt like all of the
miracles we were seeing were purely from the Lord. He is so merciful
to us. It is truly amazing how many blessing we are constantly being
given. We just have to be willing to take them. We made more return
appointments this week than we have ever since getting here and it
felt so good. We have two new investigators and they are both super
cute and in the target age and they are just so incredible. We are
just blown away by how blessed we have been. We met with a few of our
investigators and they are progressing slowly but surely and we are
constantly praying for them and trying to understand what we can do to
help them more.

We went and dendoed with two different members this week. They both
took us to meet people they know and people they knew from before who
have taken lessons and it was just so fun. It was just so amazing to
see their faith. The members here in Japan really just have incredible
faith. I can't believe what they are willing to do sometimes. They
just love the gospel so much they can't help but want to share it with
others. It's truly incredible. We made a few return appointments from
that as well this week! Super cool, right?

This week we got to see two baptisms! Mase San from Saijo got baptized
this weekend and also a cute girl that the other Shimaitachi were
teaching, Miyu got baptized. They were both so cute when they got
baptized. They just had so much light in their eyes. I love the
feeling right after someone is baptized. The spirit is just so strong.
God knows they are trying and He confirms that doe them and for those
who watch. I just love seeing others recognize that God truly is there
and that he loves us. I love this work and this gospel, because it is

Well, it looks like Marg had a good time at trek. Yes, I did like
trek. I just liked feeling so exhausted every day and working so hard.
It feels good right? It is so cool you got to go sissy! I think the
kitchen looks great and thanks for setting up that appointment for me
mom! And for the money. I think I should be good on money! I sure love
you so much!

Love, Raines Shimai

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